An Irish Woolen Mill

Sometime ago I posted this excellent Hands Series of a Dublin Wool Mill, but it seemed to have been taken off of youtube so couldn’t be viewed. Now almost three years later, I have found it again, a superbly artful wool spinning mill & weavers from the late 1970’s. Watch and find out what happens when colors layered in to wool sandwiches are fed to the “fear-not machine”, the “scribbler machine”, and old style mill spinning with a “mule”,  then various weaving of the cloth and processing into the Irish Tweed that is world renowned. This episode is absolutely loaded with all sorts of tweedy goodness ~~~ enjoy!

2 thoughts on “An Irish Woolen Mill

  1. That was really good. Don and I sat and watched it together after we ate dinner tonight. Lots of things went through my mind as I watched this but I really couldn’t imagine running those treadle machines all day long. I also liked how they mowed the fuzzies off the surface of the fabric. But you can certainly understand how the factories went up in flames so quickly tragically killing all those women who were locked inside. I think I’ll stick to my little flax wheel. Thanks for sharing this, Jen. ❤️V

    • Virginia, I happen to be a huge fan of the Hands series, 1970s-1980s , here’s another similar one I have never posted, called ” Donegal Weavers” I hope you and Don enjoy it as much! I love it the best of all the series! (( I’ve been plying your yarn as I watched the films, so fun! xx ))

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