Knitting In Nature

019It rained again, and the moss is glowing !

We’ve continued our walks nearly everyday this Autumn.


Out in the freshly rained-on moss, and romping around and smelling things.

( Emma tends to like to stick her whole head into tree caves…)

023The really remarkable thing is, that while we were walking in the woods, I was knitting the very colors of the moss on oak bark, and it took me by surprise how much I reflect the colors of my surroundings.

Presently knitting the sweater for this hat , in the colorway ‘moss on oak’…jenjoycedesign©green&grey

Knitting in nature is one of the things I love to do most of all.

Penny Candy Hat


Mossy green & grey is my thing lately. But whereas before I was unsure I’d like this colorway for a Penny Candy Winter pullover, now that I did the ‘hat test’ I am utterly certain I LOVE the colorway, and enough to knit a whole sweater with it!   Boy oh boy does that colorway tickle a spot for me, evoking rich growth of moss on the trunks of the Black Oaks & Firs all around the woods where I live.

Oh, did I mention that I submitted the Penny Candy Hat pattern ? No ? It must have totally slipped my mind !  You can find the pattern on Yarnings HERE and on Ravelry HERE .  Penny Candy Hat was designed to be a gauge test for the upcoming pattern Penny Candy Winter pullover , but now I am thinking it’s just lovely as a hat pattern sold all by itself.

This little blue striped one I’ve made for someone who is turning Twelve this coming week , and which I will show off modeled on her birthday.  Besides lace band, and lot of fun stripes, to match her sweater, it has a pinto toorie !

jenjoycedesign©birthday hat for Miss Twelve And in case you don’t know what a ‘toorie’ is, well, I’ve also made a tutorial on how to make them on my Tips From The Table ~   “Making a pom pom & a toorie”