In the Home Stretch.

Okay, so I totally blew my deadline of having these finished last week. But they will be finished this weekend , you can count on it, then they’re off to Northern Ireland !

I am learning *so* much about so many things with this unexpectedly epic little project : a braided cable, cuffing and reversing direction of knitting, narrowing down into a garter section (I chose to use smaller needles as well), Eye-of-Partridge stitch, sock gussets, and soon to be toe shaping and kitchener stitch… and I’m reinforcing my skill in reading a pattern (something I haven’t done much of, strangely). I had to totally improvise picking up stitches, and I got my SSK and K2tog mixed up a few rows on the first sock gusset start (quite obvious if you look closely at the one on the left). So far these have been a hugely valuable learning experience. I will miss them when they are done.

5 thoughts on “In the Home Stretch.

  1. What a beautiful learning journey with so many interesting features all in one! The outcome fabulous. Well done! Pad yourself in the back! Believe me, once washed/shaped, all those self-critical imperfection will disappear (or at least fade) in front of your very eyes. Awesome knit.

  2. They are so lovely! Well done! Isn’t that funny about FO’s, how we miss them and the lessons we learned from them? After spending so much time on something it can be difficult to pass it along, but I know they will be loved and treasured!

  3. Almost there…………….:-)

    I agree with Kristen re missing finished objects – i get the same feeling with a particularly good book or film or if i finish a painting – it’s almost like a grieving process.

  4. Very nice! You do deserve a pat on the back for those. Hose have always scared me a bit because I don’t know if I’d have the will power to finish them. But as much as you’ll miss them when you finish, I’m sure you’ll find something else to occupy you and become your new friend (like the two sweaters you’ll be knitting?).

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