Autumn on its way

Look me straight in the eyes …

…and tell me that this unexpectedly interesting color combination looks bad. This is the (mostly) Green Autumn Sweater for my younger niece.

I had bought one of each color of green , and of blue, from KnitPicks Swish ( a yarn which I have found is a really nice choice for making sweaters for growing kids) and came up with this lot.   I thought I’d be lucky to find any combination of a few shades,  but I ended up loving the mismatched hues, and I bought more !  Blueish Teal with Olivey Mossy Green ? You bet ! Reminds me of Amish Quilt color combinations.

( Oh, and the row marker charm was made and given to me by Morrie. )

*  *    *  *    * *

So we returned from the “Out-and-About” Treehouse Village in Oregon, as last mentioned in this post .  We stayed for two nights and two days, and I knit most of the time. This was my upstairs little knitting nook…

…and from within, this was my view of the rest of the place. There are catwalks up in the trees , between some really high-up treehouses, all interconnected in a web of rope and wood walkways, seeming to be about 50 feet in the air !!! But we stayed in one of the separate ones, which had steps up to it, called “Serendipitree”.

Here is a photo of the outside .  My knitting nook was the tiny room above.

8 thoughts on “Autumn on its way

  1. Sure and begorrah but those are perfect colors for an autumn sweater. Appropriate stitch marker too. I can just see your little wood nymphs self ensconced in your tree loft knitting away diligently on your mossy sweater. 🙂

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place to visit. I always wondered what it would be like to live in a cabin like that….and those grapes are amazing…watched James May’s Road Trip. All about traveling the California countryside and visiting all the Vineyards along the way with Oz Clark. It is interesting that so many factors like wind and temperature affect the flavor of the grapes.

  3. Love those colors! What a great idea to have a treehouse getaway. I don’t think I’d want to leave! Thank you for the comment on our blog (I saw your comment today–the past few months have been crazy in inkysticks-land). I’ll be adding you on Ravelry! Regarding the Ravelry blog buttons, I went here on the Rav wiki to get the button code, and instructions for plunking them on your blog are here. Hope this helps!

  4. You won’t believe this…I pulled out from my stash some Patons colors for upcoming project in similar color hues!!!! To say the least, I LOVE the combo 😀

    What a terrific hook to enjoy our craft…Serendipitree. It reminds me of a treehouse in Wallowa Lake. Next year, I may squeeze it in our travel 😀 Glad to see Autumn…within a week, all will turn red here. Have Fall!

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