“Mostly Green” and “Mostly Blue”

In some races, just finishing is all that matters. These Two Little Bears , though very simple pullovers with stripes,  were lengthy projects, at 6.5 stitches to the inch. Finished the knitting on the Mostly Green pullover, below, and now I’m midway through the yoke decreases in the Mostly Blue pullover, and will have the Autumn Sweaters ready to gift to my two nieces and photograph this coming Sunday. As Spring was incredibly late this year, our Autumn characteristically is always. Leaves are just now starting to turn and flutter to the ground. Our Northern Californian Indian Summer I think is about to end, and to put these winter-worthy pullovers on my nieces to model this weekend ~I hope~ won’t be torture.

4 thoughts on ““Mostly Green” and “Mostly Blue”

  1. These are just lovely! Your nieces are two very lucky and special girls. About my comment on the red cardigan (maybe you have finished it by now), now I get it that it is for you, not a niece. Go with the rust. Your color for absolutely sure!!!


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