Happiness Is…

My first pair of regular ol’ socks done & dusted !

:: claps wildly ::

And now I think I’ll start another pair just the same as I finished, in lavendar heathered yarn, and they will be for my nieces’ mom.

Sock Pattern : “Classic Socks” in “Folk Socks” by Nancy Bush
Yarn : 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon, in fingering weight
Find on Ravelry.

11 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. A fine looking sock – a job well done.

    You are a real sock knitter now – you will soon be doing what my ma used to, when asked what was on the pins
    ‘Oh nothing’.
    ‘Well what’s that then?’
    ‘Oh, just socks for your dad’.

    • Oh Thank You Lizzi, I’ll say just the same thing… I’ll quote your ma from now on. They took a while, but now that I have them done, I think they’ll go a little bit faster each time.

    • The ones I just finished are a dusty grey (though I admit , the photo somehow gives them a blue tint), and you know , being a first pair of *just socks*… it was pretty easy ! I’m now starting the lavendar ones, for my sister-in-law. Martha , you could sooo do it !!! C’mon !!

  2. Swell, sista. Welcome to the world of sock wonders…the sock knitter 😀 Love the textures…sure show off that beautiful dusty well. Can’t wait to see the lavender knit up.

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