Autumn Approaches


Beautiful cascades of yarn I’ve over-dyed  plum and purple, to Eldest Niece’s specifications, for Autumn sweaters.  Jacquard acid dyes : pink dyed over light blue yarn, and then lavendar over heathered grey.   The over-dye and the original colors will make a lovely subtle  varigation in the stockinette fabric that I just can’t wait to see, and since there are two nieces, there will be Autumn Sweaters  (x 2) .  Take a look at the  other colorway  overdyed from the same yarns which I bought a boat load of in a closeout sale.   Superwash 100% Merino wool.  Drinks in the dye, and exhausts the dyebath so nicely ! But committing to overdyed colors , I have found,  is strenuous at times, because there’s no “I’ll just exchange these 5 skeins for another color” sort of thinking. Nooo… I have to make it work, in a sort of determined marriage to the yarn.  So far I’ve casted on after switching needle sizes and swatching four times !

*    *    *

Meanwhile,  Classic Socks pair number two continues to grow.

(Yes… more purple.)

7 thoughts on “Autumn Approaches

  1. Jen, believe me, the pleasure is all mine. I love discovering wee balls of wooliness on my travels to give you a tactile feel for the yarns of my shores. I can’t wait to see them reappear here in Yarnings after you’ve worked your own creative magic on them, just as you’ve done in your dye bath with this sale yarn. The colours you have achieved are quite stunning and sure to please those two gorgeous girls. I hope one day you’ll manage to visit Studio Donegal and see Tony weave Donegal Tweed in the traditional way on his handloom just as I did. I know you’ll be extended a warm welcome by the very hospitable Donaghy family but don’t expect to leave the yarn shop empty handed. Be forewarned that you’ll need to summon all your willpower to leave some very beautiful and desirable things behind. See you soon in Cill Charthaigh (Kilcar) and later in the Donegal Highlands.

    • Thank you ! So Much ! For the Donegal Yarn !
      As for the sweaters for my nieces, we’ll see. I’m ready to rip and cast on a fifth time. 🙂

  2. How I love your over-dyed colors. I so look forward to the next take. What a wonderful, thoughtful friend to send you such awesome goodies. Someday I would love to visit Studio Donegal 😀

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