A high mountain vineyard.

Emma and I have been walking around this morning, for several hours. She was busy sniffing & tracking while I’ve been knitting. I have knit quite a lot while on the move this morning, I’m actually quite self-satisfied.  I had a bunch of photos, but this one, with the yellow leaves turning on the vines,  just seems to want to stand alone.

Other photos of this walk stashed  here .

4 thoughts on “Turning

  1. That photograph is one of the most beautiful black and white photographs I have ever seen! Wonderful, and so soothing looking. I love it!

  2. What a stunning picture you’ve captured here Jen. Superb camera work as usual. I enjoyed the others too but this one really does stand out. Your highlands look very different to mine but they’re still very beautiful. I wish you the health and strength to enjoy walking and knitting there every day until the sands of time stand still and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more fantastic pictures along the way.

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