Spinners Visit


Three of my spinner friends ~ Morrie, Debbie, and Susan came up to spin yesterday!  I met them down at the main road, and we managed to fit three spinning wheels, all the bags associated with toting for the spinning (lots and lots of those). . . and all four of us . . . in my Toyota Rav. It was quite the wagon load and I wish I had my camera!.  We then shuttled up the rocky road to the house. . . and we nested together  to spin for the day.

It was great fun to say the very least.

Emma was well behaved, giving up her chair for Susan (above), and having *only* thieved one of Morrie’s spools of yarn, and one of Debbie’s shoes…

(Debbie made a little post on her blog about the day over here folks ! )

Debbie, I’m honored that you posted and that you had a good time ! Emma does have a taste for wool, doesn’t she? You know why? Because she is a shepherd !  :: laughs ::  I hope you don’t mind too much that I stole  this photo here, from your blog , looks like you’ve captured a glimpse of your spicy chocolate and Schacht wheel in action . . .


Thank you Spinners, for coming all the way up to my hermitage and causing a delightful commotion for Emma and I , from our otherwise quiet and uneventful day !  Such a room full to bursting with personalities !!! Lets do it again tomorrow , and the next day !

(( And I promise I will *not* try so hard to make the house too clean and tidy ))

21 thoughts on “Spinners Visit

  1. Darn ! I *just now* found in the fridge, a big container of yogurt/cream cheese onion dip I made yesterday to put out with some nice veggies….at lunchtime for you spinners. I just FORGOT ! I thought lunch looked a little light. 🙂

    • Morrie, it fits you much better than it fits me ! You can wear it whenever you come up. 🙂 The tam too ! Next time I’ll photo you in the ensemble !

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