Stormy’s Little Sister

When my little niece saw what her big sister got from me for her birthday, which was a lovely cabled beanie all in grey, called Stormy  . . . she asked for one too.

So I knit up Little Sister mostly while walking, (as I did Stormy), counting the stitches as I walked… just a simple K6,P2,K2,P2 rib ,  finished it last night and delivered today.

She’ll  love its poofy superwash merino squishy-ness, and kid-like funkiness too.


Little Sister of Stormy,

in the same yarns I over-dyed for her Autumn Sweater  . . .

(I was so done with that yarn, but I managed to Knit On with it ! )

Just a little gesture of love for my adorable 10-yr old niece who asked

”  Will you pleeeease knit me a beanie too? “

How can I resist !

* * * 

(( project details on Ravelry here ))

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