Northern California In Winter


It is one month into winter in Northern California.

The trees have been bare for only as long.  This photo was taken weeks ago, but I was waiting for the right time to post it.  It is a Blue Oak, there are many where we walk .

And walking is what Emma and I do a lot of these not-so-grey days of winter.  Last few days have been fair and I got some pink on my cheeks today, as we walked some new terrains under the noon-time sun !

Of course, I brought my knitting . . .


8 thoughts on “Northern California In Winter

    • Aren’t they Morrie? Here, the bare ones are Black and Blue oaks… we actually only have the Black Oak on our land, but right up the hill a ways, and down towards the southern exposure , are the Blue Oak.

    • Hello Kelly ! Well, you know, we’ve gotten tangled quite a bit. The usual calamity is the yarn getting sucked into the retractable leash… that happens constantly. 😉

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