Its harvest time on the mountain.  I think the sudden appearance of the fog in recent days has put a rush on things.  The last few sunsets has lured in delicious cooling fog from the coast, breaking the scorching hot dry spell.  Marine air from the ocean creeps along, rolling over the ridges and sinks into the inland spaces, this mountain range being one of the last hurdles before it pours hungrily north-easterly into Napa Valley . . .


Though the grapes love the fog, I believe when they are almost ready to pick, the flavor does not take kindly to the sudden cool moist air. So harvest bursts in to action up here !  If you look closely, you’ll see (camera zoomed in from our deck) the workers filling their bins in the this morning’s early light.  A merry chatter from the jovial pickers echoes from across the trees , along with morning song of birds.


*  *  *

Meanwhile, Emma and I just in from our walk along other (already picked) vineyard ways, during which I have finished one of another pair of these socks. Going to cut steeks on Niece’s Autumn Cardigans today !

7 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. Lovely. We had several mornings of cool foggy stuff that burned off and made sunny afternoons. Now we are back to some very warm sunshiny days. Often, we get our warmest weather in September/October.
    Congratulations on the nieces sweaters.

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