Au Naturale

jenjoycedesign©Shetland-yarn-bag Last week I went to my LYS to buy some Jamieson’s Of Shetland Spindrift yarn , for I have been ruminating a sort of tribute design and I want this one to be made with exceptional palette of natural shades of yarn.  I came home with colors Shetland Black, Shaela, Mooskit, and Easit.

jenjoycedesign©Jamiesons-Shetland-Spindrift While we were out walking yesterday, from one of these massive sad piles (there are many, these are only two) I took one of the gnarled twisted  historic  vines destined to be burned,  and Emma helped me carry it home, gladly, for her it was just a big stick to play with!

jenjoycedesign©piles After a week of sketching ,

 I have got it ready to knit up. . .

and now I have cast on !

 It will have checked ‘dicing’ in the band and through the colorwork motifs . . .


So folks, in the days ahead, I am letting needles fly, and my world has turned into shades of natural wools,  grey-black to grey-white, and I won’t emerge from my Autumnal Hermitage until it is complete, mark my word ! ((The pink strand will not be one of it’s attributes, that is merely part of the provisional cast-on.)) I’ll be seeing you on the flip-side.

17 thoughts on “Au Naturale

    • And Carol, it was your encouragement at a time when I was heart-broken from the destruction of those historic vines, which helped me redirect my sadness into something creative… much better ! oxox

  1. Nice post. The old must make way for the new !
    Now you got me wanting to knit this beret. I already purchased the pattern from you back in the spring but never got around to knitting it. I like the natural Shetland colours & i have plenty of yarn so i think i will do the same. Im looking forward to seeing what you have knit so far….enjoy your posts & thank you for sharing ♥
    And a big THANK YOU for the Ravelry patterns !

        • Lorraine, I have not. I have had to redesign it , otherwise I’d have posted. A little setback is all, but I’m out working a lot presently outdoors (on my knitting trail). However I am finished for the day, showered, and ready now to knit ! 🙂

  2. I love those natural colors. They blend so well together. And the photography is really well done, just superb. I think you are full of creativity. And that is a good thing ! And yes, thank you for the Ravelry Sock pattern. I look forward to making those cuties.

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