Red Sky At Night

jenjoycedesign©sunset - Copy

Red sky at night; shepherds delight !

This photo was taken from the same spot as the photo in previous post ‘blue dawn’.  In one day, the sky went from an awe-inspiring blue dawn to a rather surreal orange-red & blue sunset, making it quite a lucky day with the camera !  Usually I’m not so lucky.  These clouds were like fresh blended fluffy bats of wool just off of the carder, hanging there for a long time into twilight.  So, what about a blue dawn and an orange-red dusk? I am finding that the very thing I’m knitting is expressed so well by an Autumn sky photographed a few days ago…


Though the red is definitely subdued in the photo, it is at least suggestive of a ‘red sky at night ‘, knitted in Malabrigo sock yarn which I bought at my local yarn shop  Yarns On First  while browsing their beautiful yarns  recently,  in colors ” Botticelli Red ” and ” Impressionist Sky ” .  Wouldn’t you say the sky in above photo is perfect model for an impressionist painting?

What pattern you see here actually, is Pretty Little Things gloves in the works, yes, sisters of  Pretty Little Things (PLT) socks . These little charmers are taking their sweet time,  and I’m giving them all the time they need, though I did want to show you what I’m working on at least.  Happy, fun, and challenging are gloves !

21 thoughts on “Red Sky At Night

  1. Both photographs are beautiful and inspiring. Isn’t it wonderful how yarn (and textiles) can help us interpret nature? You do a lovely job!

    • Yes Claudia, sometimes it is the reflection of our knitting back on to nature, which makes us aware that it was nature which was at work all along ! 🙂

  2. Love the colours and, would you believe, I’ve been winding some of the very same yarn, same colour too! Great minds eh Jen :). It takes me more than half an hour to do one skein, so I’m going to wait till I get back to York to do the rest with the help of a swift and ball winder. The gloves are divine as are the socks xox

  3. Oooh, very pretty. I’ve never actually knit a pair of gloves. My hands stay warmer in mittens so I’m not too motivated but I love the idea of knitting all those tiny cylinders.

    • Thank you Misa. I ought to do mittens too with PLT… but for now gloves. You see, here in California, mittens just aren’t so popular I think, so gloves have intrigued me for a long time.

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