Eleven Days

There is something so pure and beautiful and full of quiet wonder when winding off a fresh skein of yarn.

I feel a strong sense of personal obligation to my creativity,

and the yarn, and the potential it has to ‘become’.

And this project is going to take everything I can muster to ‘get it right’… because it will involve (hopefully) my first attempt at simple lace stitches.  I figure there will be no surprises or mysteries with this project, and that I will post my tentative steps along the way.

Progress of Things Handmade :

Something fuzzy and very leafy green is in the bag . . .

It incorporates alpaca yarn & mohair/silk yarn alternately.

I love, love, love same-color mixed-texures knitting !

Next, something ruffly, also alpaca, and resembling some kind of a sea creature . . .

Lastly, something  mysterious,

hanging from a lamp to dry . . .


There is the progress report for now at eleven  days left to Make before Christmas.

How are your Christmas Creations coming along?

6 thoughts on “Eleven Days

    • Oh right Morrie ! These yarns even surprised *moi* at how well the ‘striping’ works ! Garter stitch, 2 rows each of two luxury yarns… how simple, yet so lovely !

    • Oh , you should see them in person! I’ll photograph them as best as I can, but the two colors & textures are heavenly together if I may say so myself. 🙂 xx

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