Fourteen Days . . .

I am sharing all that I am ‘making’ through the holidays (and other noteworthy things going on).  Fourteen days left, and three hand-made gifts finished, with several more to go. A scarf much like ‘ribbon candy’ in wintergreen and licorice, made from some old yarn I can’t even remember what it is. Here, a quite roomy felted satchel made of stashed tweed wool o’ the Andes, and which has two thick 5-stitch icord straps.  The very artful steel cut & welded ‘coat’ hanger my brother made. It is a daffodil bulb,  and is mounted right at the doorway.


Now, the Lovers Of Wildlife out there , you absolutely *must* see this ~~~ the pair of ravens which perch often right near our house, these are photos taken from upstairs bedroom window, literally 30 feet away from where I stood in the house (I zoomed in).  First you see Mr. Raven lone on a branch surveying his domaine, then his mate busying herself ripping some dead bark off of a dead oak branch, then she flew to him and they cuddled a while while they prattled loudly to each other, it was amazing to see such big handsome birds be so affectionate. (click first image in mosaic to go to slideshow).

They didn’t seem to mind me at all standing there photographing & admiring them. I am so grateful & lucky to live here in these woods with the ravens!

19 thoughts on “Fourteen Days . . .

  1. I love Ravens they are so Mystical & Gothic- guess that’s why I wear a lot of black !
    Still have not started the Vines beret but I hope to get going on it over Christmas. All my knit gifts are complete Now its just custom orders than I can sit back & knit for me.
    Like the Earthy colours of your bag. Happy Christmas Jen♥

    • Ah hello Lorraine ! Thanks for the wee visit ! I so love, love, love those Ravens as well, they are just so regal. I can’t wait to see your Vineyard Rows tam/bonnet when it gets started… I’m squirming with anticipation ! Very Merry Christmas to you! xxx 🙂

  2. I adore these birds. They rock. Love your knits! I’m not doing much in the way of Holiday knitting…yet! Waiting for some Unspun Icelandic to arrive….then I’ll be knitting like a house’afire.

    • Oh yeah… I hear you there !! I am waiting for some sport-weight bare sock yarn , so I can start nieces birthday Faux Boot Socks ! (I’ll no doubt be knitting them at your Christmas Spin-up ! 🙂

    • Lizzi, I am actually taking a break from the knitting right now, fixing some ripped pj bottoms… they are old and worn to threads… still I am fixing them ! Will you come over and make me a nice braw cuppa tea ? 🙂 xx

    • Hi Chooks ! Actually I have only started to knit like crazy, now that there’s only two weeks left to go. Thankyou for your praise and encouragement, it is so heart-warming. xxx

  3. I always love to read about knitting and see other’s lovely work…but the birds were an added bonus. I love watching birds too. But it seems that here in N Iow it’s a bit too cold for them–a high of one (yes 1) today. I didn’t see any, just heard them.

  4. Judging by the background of the ravens, you have a fantastic view! You’re lucky in many ways. Love how you styled your ribbon scarf like a caterpillar.

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