Red & Green

I woke this morning, and wrapped a bunch of little presents to send off in the post to Jeff’s sister’s family in Vancouver & his dad’s too.  Lots of little things, and I found as I had plenty of wrapping paper, I was totally unprepared in the festive colors ribbon department.  No worries… with a huge stash of every color yarn, and a spinning wheel… a spool o’ Christmas twine is not but a few turns on the wheel away !

jenjoycedesign©plying red & green

See how whimsical & cheerful a little pom pom is to finish it with?


I was only lying to myself.

I can’t not make more gifts.

This my friends, is the shift I was hoping for, into high gear  making  , and I will do my best to post finished things here.  Starting with this one, my secret recipe shortbread, for the Scottish host of the Christmas party I attended on the weekend ~~~ and it was a particularly delicious batch!


It got all wrapped and tied with plaid ribbon and everything, and it was so smart looking. Oh, also, I wore my Vineyard Rows Tam (California Highlands Bonnet) and had so many lovely compliments from the folks at the party about it, it has inspired me to make a little game with myself, which is this :

I vow not go out into town for the rest of the winter without wearing something I’ve hand knit. Today I went grocery shopping wearing for the first time my Red Cardigan ~~ I can’t believe that was the first time I wore it out, it was wonderful indeed! I felt extremely lovely in it. Well, here’s to the holiday spirit, and all things hand-made !

12 thoughts on “Red & Green

    • Strange how red is so odd that way, they can only be matched together with green to mean one thing only ~~ WINTER HOLIDAY ~~. I could never match them for other reasons. 🙂 The double batch of shortbread was for the Scottish wife of the Scottish master cooper and owner of a very productive cooperage we have here in the valley. She loves my shortbread, and I was happy to make it for her. 🙂 xx

    • LIzzi, it makes me wonder why I hadn’t worn the red cardigan out before… we had a fairly mild winter last year, and truthfully I just forgot about it. I love my new resolution to wear my knitteds ! 🙂

    • So far Kay, I’ve kept to my vow… of everytime I go down into the town, I wear something I’ve knit. Its so like I *used* to be… I feel a personal sort of retro-renaissance happening. 🙂 xx

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