Hey… it’s raining !

006Emma and I spent a few moments greeting the first wet morning of the season.

(it really is wet … just look at it !!!)

 The damp forest drinks in and the dust is washed off,

while whispering drops patter their way down from the trees to the ground.
Then a brief break, and the fog pours in over the ridge from the ocean out west…

Now as I’m uploading these photos to post, the rain is coming down again, off and on big fat drops on the roof…a sound that is pure poetry to the parched dry landscape of Northern California.  I’ve been posting a lot lately and I must say, it feels good after what seemed a long summer of practically nothing to comment about, bearing down and surviving the summer.  I really am thirsting for a good old-fashioned rainy Autumn, with lots of cooking & baking and squirreling away of knitted things for the holidays ahead.  It just doesn’t get any better than that. Well, lets hope the rain holds out !

10 thoughts on “Hey… it’s raining !

  1. I love waking up with the fresh, crisp clean air raging through our house early in the morning and am so looking forward to the return of pumpkin spice aroma permeating. Have a wonderful day!

    • Sarah…. do you like to open the front door wide and leave it that way for a long time like me? 🙂 Oh right… pumkin spice is delish and the time of year for it . Only a few more days of summer left….

      • Heck YEAH!!!! It was such a delight to be able to do that in the last week…until hubby came home Wednesday night. Then everything’s closed. I so look forward to next Monday when he’s on another trip 😀

        I love September!!!!!

    • Liz, yes, we have had a lovely full sprinkling of showers, and I hope that the glaring sun backs off for a season now. Now that its geting a little cooler, knit -trekking is going to have a little more spring in it ! 🙂

    • Oh Lizzi, I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to mention about the ‘new mug’ in the previous post (photo of tea). You see, the one you gave me of the Queen Jubillee bone china mug finally broke 😦 but I found another very much like it , also made out of bone china , though it took some searching about for it! Found it in my favorite coffee shop of my youth, and it was on sale too. 🙂 xx

  2. Sounds wonderful. I love rain. Its as good an excuse as any to stay inside and have some tea, knit and just be quiet. I love it. Its a cooler day here, cloudy, and I may stay home and knit instead of going to the yarn shop. I always enjoy your photos and captions that go along with them, they are like a breath of fresh air. I think your a true creative spirit.

    • Martha what a lovely thing to say. I surely wish we could knit and drink tea together …. we’ll have to do it in spirit this Autumn, and I promise to take lots more photos for you if they feel as fresh air to you 🙂 xx

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