Dicey Highland Cap !

jenjoycedesign©Dicey Cap

For some time I’ve been wanting to put together this third straight-sided shape to add to the bonnet & beret shapes of my Dicey Highland Hats pattern ~~ I’m calling it the  “Dicey Highland Cap”. Now have it done & dusted, and pattern is updated to include it !  All that is needed is a bit of fun with my nieces and a photo shoot for all three shapes, when they come this weekend to visit.

Speaking of Highlands, here, the California Highlands is having  a lovely slow turning of Autumn,  alternately misty & cool and bouncing back up to clear warm days.   Now we expect some rain and it will glue down all the lovely maple & oak leaves which have fluttered to the ground. I’m looking forward to some lashing blustering rain!!!  For now we’re still out walking every day, at least once !

Was just out on the trail knit-walking and  overlooking this …


8 thoughts on “Dicey Highland Cap !

  1. I WANT this SO BAD!! …..plaid skirt, stockings and some leather boots and we’re ready for a long mountain ramble!!…..Uh, Christmas is coming! Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge……

  2. I have a tam with that same diced band! I love it but I’m a little self conscious when I wear it, it’s a little large with the ribbons down the back and all. But yours are the perfect size and I do love my hand knit berets!

    • Yes, one needs a little Scottish checking now and again, in Scottish wool perhaps, but maybe at times a little more applicable to things such as ski slopes, stormy beach walks, and shopping malls…. (being that its holiday season). I hope you make several ! 🙂 xx

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