Penny Candy Winter !

jenjoycedesign©penny-candy-winter-duoIt’s here, finally, after redesign & re-knit of the yokes, and this morning re-photographing of…

my Penny Candy Winter !


My nieces, their mom, and I met at the Calistoga Roastery as we usually do for these occasions, and then the girls and I skipped on over to the wall outside of Brannon’s for just a few some up-to-date shots.



My nieces and I were full of giggles this morning, and the sun was bright, and the November air cool. Perfect conditions for Autumn photo shoot.



Look at the photo closely below, you’ll see Miss Fourteen’s shadow on the wall next to Miss Twelve.. a mysteriously goofy shot as we were trying really hard to be seriously artful, and in the end it was just quite hilarious. I love those unpredictable photos which tumble into the camera lens by accident.


You can find this pattern available on Yarnings right HERE,

or on Ravelry over HERE.

I haven’t even shown you the photos from Miss Twelve’s birthday yet, modelling Penny Candy Hat along with her sweater over HERE  !  But that was before the sweaters were reworked (compare these photos with those from a month ago back on this post , when after posting I decided the yokes were a little too long, by about 2 inches.

Continue on and enjoy the rest of the photos in a slideshow …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 thoughts on “Penny Candy Winter !

  1. These are just gorgeous, Jen! My hat’s off to you for having the patience to tink and reknit. And your nieces are really adorable, too!

    • Hey thanks Dianne ! Patience is not easy, but this is what I put all my time into practically, so I must do it right. Those girls are the reason I got ‘back into’ knitting by the way… about 5 years ago. Eldest one asked if I could knit her a sweater… and well, the rest is history !

    • Thank you Carol… as you can see, they really do fit better, and I test-knit the pattern by reknitting them you see. 🙂 A lot of work though, yes, it was, and I’m glad to be moving on to other projects. 🙂 xx

    • Hello Lizzi ! I can’t help myself… I keep plastering photos of them all over here… I need help…lol. ( Aye, Miss Twelve definitely *is* a glint of mischief!)

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