Knitting In The Wild

jenjoycedesign©knitting in the wildAnother glorious hike up to the ridge peak this morning. Shading the camera lens with knitting overlooking the ridge after ridge facing north-easterly.

Greeting the long shadows of morning as the sun’s rays shot through the pines on the crest of the ridge…

jenjoycedesign©019There was knitting the whole way, reknitting that is, of yoke of nieces’ Autumn sweater.

 Capturing the sun streaming through black oak leaves soon to fall …jenjoycedesign©003Greeted the Sleeping Princess (Mt Tamalpais) as she lay like rolling blue ocean waves in the distance…
jenjoycedesign©036And Mt. Diablo as we started up, a stones throw from the house… and you can see the yellow patches in the trees where there is Autumnal color starting.

jenjoycedesign©002At the rocky top,  another  view across the ridges which frame the upper Napa Valley …
Most of all we enjoyed the contemplative early morning trek, with bright morning sun, mountain air, and knitting all going so perfectly together I think. Looking forward to another like it each day this Autumn, as we have been out nearly every single day . Turning of the season continues to be wonderful this way.  Life is good.

8 thoughts on “Knitting In The Wild

  1. Jen, these pictures are beautiful. I would love to go on walks like this. Thanks for sharing. It is pouring and raining and thundering and lightening and small stream advisory flooding, etc. I’ll send you some rain, you send me some sun!

  2. Jen, I am just back from a little “german autumn forest” walk, with sun, good smelling fresh air, in my new sweater (!!!) and I really love to see your pictures, the views you catch on your photos! Nice to go through these impressions with you on a walk 😉

    • Petra ! What a nice surprise, so glad you peeked in. I love sharing my life ‘in the wild’ and well, I have decided that this Autumn I am going to knit-walk and photograph as much as I possibly can, and share to the world. 🙂

      If you click the picture on the right sidebar with the poppies, it will link you to all the knit-hikes. 🙂 xx

    • Hello Lizzi ! Back from your knitting retreat? I can’t wait to hear about it ! By the way, I’m sending you a pattern, as you expressed an interest in knitting it… you can look it over if you like. 🙂

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