Yoke Redesign


Well folks, my smug happiness at being done ahead of the equinox for these sweaters did not last long.  In the post two weeks ago of my nieces modelling in Calistoga their new sweaters clearly shows how way off I was on the mark. I thought they were just accidentally ‘big’  and ‘tunic length’.  What I did not know, and what I know very well now, is that one doesn’t arbitrarily decide to knit so many decrease rounds because it ‘looks good’… no, I’ve learned the hard way (as usual) that these things are mathematical considerations, not entirely artistic. Yoke shaping is math. This is the difficult fact I’ve had to learn, and have been working with sharpened pencil , calculator and reams of paper in the last week, after it came to me a little over a week ago, in the early morning hours before waking, just why those sweaters were hanging on my nieces. I had to ask for the sweaters back, meet their mom Patricia in St. Helena yesterday, and there is no more hiding my head in the sand. I’ve ripped back now, and am going to make it right.

So,  I have redesigned a theoretic yoke , and now I am going to test knit my redesign of last two weeks by knitting the yokes of the Autumn sweaters over again from the sleeve join.  Fingers crossed, wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Yoke Redesign

    • Kelly, actually, as you know , the hard work was getting past the join of the sleeves to the body , which I ripped back up to… and so it’s just a whiz up with the new rate of decreases and to get to do the fun lacework over again. Most importantly, I think my nieces will be happier with them .

  1. So beautiful, Jen! I know it’s painful to rip back, though, when you think you’re all finished. Before I started doing sweaters I hadn’t realized how much math I would be using to figure out proportions, rates of increase/decrease, etc. Guess it helps keep our brain cells functioning! BTW, how are you handling the joins of stripes? Do you use the jogless stripes, or just allow the little job where the rows join? Still haven’t started my Penny Candy Socks…waiting till I finish knitting Ravello.

    • Hi Dianne ! Hey, thanks for visiting ! I actually am not one to fuss with jogless stripes because in my experiences of trying that it seems to pull the fabric a bit out of shape. I am one to rather like the 2-stripe ‘jog’, think it a little decorative, especially in the heel of a sock 🙂 I am about finished with stripes design I think… having worked the Penny Candy into as many designs as possible. 🙂 lol.

    • Carol, hello ! Well, it is that I really want those sweaters to be examples of the forthcoming pattern, and as I redesigned the yoke for the pattern, I have to reknit the samples . I really have no choice. How are you?

      • The eldest nieces sweater especially, had about 3 to 4 inches hanging below her underarm. I decreased 1 in 4 rounds on both girls sweaters , which is not fast enough, unless one is making a huge-sized sweater… oh the things I learned ! 🙂

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