Inca Thing

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This is a quick knit I’m letting fly on the needles before Jeff leaves to Cusco to romp the Inca Trail with his son & daughter in only a matter of days.  It is something he actually asked me to make, which is in itself a first! It is a cover for his Kindle.  Awww. So, in the middle of frantic manic knitting of chullos, and trying to reach a personal deadline,  I am just thinking of it as a one-eared version of just another chullo hat.
The days continue to be gloriously cool, and today fog is rolling over the ridge and cascading down the mountain misting over everything & evoking creativity with sometimes an internal unsettled agitation.   I think I will take this Inca thing, my knitting bag,  and go for a good knit-walk up the ridge with Emma.  We’ll  be back in no time and maybe I’ll have a finished  Kindle cover to post!
Edit in:  I walked & finished knitting,
then felted the kindle cover and here it is…
Cusco bound!
 Pattern: (adapted from forthcoming chulo pattern)
Yarn: Lambs Pride worsted weight in dark & light grey (excellent for felting!

9 thoughts on “Inca Thing

  1. That sounds like one heck of a romp! Wow, what a trip planned. Are you staying behind because of Emma? We are talking about getting a puppy; the husband wanted to window shop in Dublin to see these male, Golden Retrievers in English Cream. I told him it was too dangerous because I doubt we’d come home empty handed and I felt it was unfair to bring a dog home when we are so unprepared. So I have puppy training books on hold at my library; waiting for my turn.

    • Stefanie, that is so great you’re getting a puppy! Yes, I am staying for Emma, and also that I really am not much of a traveller. You will find yourself prepared over night for your new family dog, sounds like a great breed of puppy to have!

      • Well, it’s still all talk right now. I told E if we’re going to get one it has to be a Goldie. He wants a GSD but I’m afraid of size and having to handle her when she gets walked because there are a lot of dog owners around here. There are a few GSD’s around that I’ve seen; they’re good dogs but I notice their owners hold that leash short and tight. I want to be responsible and seriously not that strong. I know Goldies can grow to a good size but their temperament is known to be more mellow and would fit our small home better.

        • I think a golden retriever is #1 best choice for a family dog… GSD definitely can be tricky. Emma included, for the first 8 years of her life she was very high-strung and I could not take her to town without her getting unmanageable… so she stays home, with the wildlife. 🙂

        • I really must qualify that it is not Emma who was unmanageable in her temperament, but my general timidness and inexperience with dogs which was the key problem with the control. That said, I was always able to control her from pulling me off with a harness I got from the Marin Humane Society called ‘Sensation Harness’ and I highly recommend it for any large dog, including retrievers!

    • Oh man… it started to drizzle and rain, so I had to turn back to get the umbrella, which put an end to the knitting, but Emma and I had a nice little walkies. 🙂

  2. The Kindle cover you knit is really lovely. I should knit a felted cover for my iPad for the few times I take it with me on trips. I usually just wrap a small terry towel around my iPad and shove it in my large purse. It isn’t a very elegant way to take care of my iPad though. 🙂

    Jeff’s trip sounds amazing. I wouldn’t have the stamina to hike anywhere now. I am more of a homebody.

    Rain is nice but not when you get caught out in it without an umbrella.

    • Thanks Wendy! Oh, I should have suggested to Jeff to just wrap it in a t-shirt, lol, but this thing is very felted, and firm. I will put notes on the project page when there is one, and you can see how I did it ! Jeff is perpetually fit, from the work he does… and his kids are totally up for the trip too, so worry not. xx

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