Emma is Twelve

Emma is twelve!

Amidst all the quiet commotion around here, Emma has turned twelve today!


early morning, waiting to go to town

Her birthday present thus far has been a trip into town to visit Dr.Tracy (her favorite veterinarian) and got another blood panel test, which I’m sure will be as blue-ribbon results as a year ago. Tip top shape for a ‘tween’ German Shepherd with grey whiskers and a little arthritis, a good regimen of a lot of walks and naps!


home from town

Well, just look at her here with her birthday presents from last year and the year before, Mr Raccoon and Mr Squirrel….


The three of them seem to be having some kind of discussion, which I fear to disturb for they seem to be reaching some kind of consensus.


Meeting appears to be adjourned….


regardless of the uncertainties…


the doubts…


… its a go… they got it worked out,  and now on to other things!

Um, like more napping.

Emma is twelve.JPG

Because Emma’s trip into town was an event to take in, and it being her twelfth birthday I let her ride up the mountain with all windows down! Oh the smells, pure heaven! I think she’s going to be fine for another birthday check-up next year. When Jeff returns from Peru (more on that later) we will have the celebratory ‘burger with hotdog candles cake’  with perhaps even another toy!

Edit in 5pm closing time : Vet called to tell me that Emma’s bloodwork came back blue-ribbon beautiful again! We’re just so happy here, for our healthy t’ween-aged Emma.

11 thoughts on “Emma is Twelve

  1. Happy 12th Birthday Emma

    Emma looks great, such a sweet girl. I look forward to seeing photos of the birthday cake when Jeff returns.

  2. Aaawww. Precious Girl. Give her big hugs from Auntie Sorcha. xoxo. Do any of the squeakers still squeak in Mr. Raccoon?

    • I have already hugged her from Auntie !! Yes, there are some in there that still squeak. The camera misfired mid-squeak, so I didn’t get the shot, but seems like Mr Raccoon has been her favorite toy all year so far!

    • Yes, we got her only 12 weeks. Her toy box has grown through the years, and as a pup she’d totally chew the bits out of every possible toy, but in the last couple of years, she has mellowed out considerably in her destruction behaviors…lol. Check this out, it is an Emma blog I have not posted in for a long time, but has some great puppy stuff in it : https://walkingwithemma.wordpress.com/

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