Camino Inca Live!


First day of summer vacation for my nieces & a photo shoot of the most recent  “Camino Inca” designs at the castle, and here they are, Miss Seventeen & Miss Fourteen….

Shown here is the small-size Ponchito, which is more of a large cowl draping around collar area &  sits on top of shoulders for a kiss of warmth.

042 (2)-

And the largest size,  A-line silhouette with three tiers of colorful shaped sections with bobbled bands edging each section.


It envelopes shoulders & neck for a sensual & cuddly bliss!



I love the way the Camino Inca Ponchito sits snug across & over shoulders while loose and draping around the neck.



The ponchito is not unlike Peruvians’ traditional wool shoulder wraps pinned at the neck, and I think the Incans would approve, as it is a practical neck & shoulder garment that both women and men would look & feel brilliant wearing.


It really pulls together an outfit!


Oh, and almost forgot… in addition to three sizes of ponchito, there is the straight cowl option that comes with the pattern too…




Camino Inca Chullo is a classic Peruvian style hat (these with very modest pompoms) and is just fun & full of whimsy !

For any age, male or female, this hat can be made simplified, or exotic & costume-like, with motif charts & embellishment suggestions galore.


You can see all posts relating to Camino Inca design and the inspiration behind it, (including this one) HERE.

Details for Camino Inca Ponchito on Ravelry HERE,

and Camino Inca Chullo HERE.

9 thoughts on “Camino Inca Live!

  1. Bombshell of a design! LOVE the Ponchito! And the ladies are such natural supermodels. Sending big hugs and kisses. xo

    • Thank you so much Sorcha. I can’t believe Jeff has already been back from walking to Machu Picchu now for almost a month, remembering like yesterday when while he was away I was in a frenzy knitting & writing patterns to submit while he was actually walking the Camino Inca.

    • Thank you so much Stefanie! When I first came out with the Ponchito pattern one couldn’t really see the form until it was modeled, and at the time the big photo shoot with my nieces seemed impossibly so far off in the future ~~ and it is now finished! I believe it is refreshingly different and excited to see how it does. xx

  2. Jen your Camino Inca designs are lovely and expertly modellled by your nieces. Looks like the photo shoot was lots of fun.

    • Thanks Wen! It was, so much fun! We went up to the actual castle this time, not just down at the carriage house off the hwy, and it is our official photo spot, there will be so many places in the huge stone castle to photo in future, we’re really excited about it!

    • Oh Laine, I knew you’d love this post… they are just getting incredibly amazingly good, aren’t they!
      This time we went up to the big castle (Castelo de Amorosa) , and we were dumb-struck at the gothic scope of it all, that is our future place of photo shoots forever. xx

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