Invincible Summer Lemonade


” In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”                           — Albert Camus

In California in winter you might very well witness yellow lemons fattening on the branches of the Meyer Lemon tree, bringing summer into winter.   This is so at odds with one’s expectations, that I found the quote by Camus to be perfect!

And now for a little fun research on the extraordinary & delicious Meyer lemon ~~ ​In the turn of the last century, American “agricultural explorer” Frank Nicholas Meyer collected a sample of a native​ lemon plant on a trip to China​, which was believed by him to be a hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin orange. He introduced ​it to the United States in 1908.


The Meyer lemon is commonly grown in garden pots as an ornamental tree​, I personally have one, and feel they are delicious and wonderful potted citrus to have.  California Cuisine chef Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkeley  rediscovered this fruit in the cuisine revolution of the 90’s, as did Martha Stewart when she began featuring them in her recipes.  I remember that era & the popularizing of the Meyer lemon very well. ed4eb8cff64f736b233f46e4813b5fd7

“The Meyer lemon fruit is yellow and rounder than a true lemon. The skin is fragrant and thin, colored a deep yellow with a slight orange tint when ripe. Meyer lemon fruits have a sweeter, less acidic flavor than the more common Lisbon or Eureka varieties. The pulp is a dark yellow…” read more …


Happy Summer Solstice everyone ~~ and on this first day of summer, I give to you my very own extremely delicious sparkling Meyer lemonade recipe ~~ having just renamed it just for this solstice  “Invincible Summer Lemonade” ! ​ This recipe will make you  a couple of tall glasses of delightful ice-cold lemony refreshment, so dig out your zesters and make sure there’s plenty of ice in the freezer.

  1. Pick 1  ripe fruit from your Meyer lemon tree, or from the produce stall at the market, but really, any kind of  fresh lemon will do,  just avoid using old stale lemons.
  2. With a zesting tool, zest outer skin of entire lemon, only the yellow part, avoiding the bitter white of the peel if possible.   If you don’t have a zester, then use a grater, but more often than not, too much of the peel is lost to the grater.
  3. Into a glass quart jar or liquid measure, combine 2-4 tbsp organic sugar, and lemon peel and let sit for 30 minutes, while stirring once or twice while sugar is leeching out those tasty essential oils from peel, the signature flavor in this drink.
  4. Now juice the peeled lemon and pour juice over sugar-zest mixture. Stir well until all the sugar dissolves in the lemon juice.
  5. Pour into juice 2 to 3 cups sparkling mineral water ( or a combination of sparkling and cold water).  Add more sugar if desired.
  6. Pour lemonade through strainer over ice into pitcher or glasses & enjoy the best taste of summer you’ll ever have.   Perhaps while contemplating the following text by Albert Camus …

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger — something better, pushing right back. Let the situation be as cold as winter but the heat lies within you. “

13 thoughts on “Invincible Summer Lemonade

    • Thank you Kelly! You mean that you have no idea what 90-100F for a month solid feels like??? 🙂 🙂 🙂
      We wish for rain, but never get it, not until October rolls around. I hope you try the lemonade!

        • It does us too. Its all we Californians say, almost in disbelief while the temperature is rising above 100F…. even we can’t believe it… yet it happens again and again, year after year. LOL

          • So elegant. You are ever a wonderful and gentle teacher. Still…why ever so wistful? I love my raiin, and I wish I could send you some. My heart sinks without it.

            • Terry thank you , and I hope you try the lemonade! Wistful? Me? (( yes, I guess so, does it come across???)) I crave rain. Its like a thirst unquenchable, but still I wait. And fearing wild fires really is getting old, ya know? 🙂 xx

              • I know, I know! Mixed blessings everywhere we turn. Sigh #1. Now look who is wistful. :» ) We are having so much rain in the east, it really does seem like there should be a way to disperse it more evenly. Sigh #2. And one more for good measure. Le Sigh #3 (with a French flair, ya know). I can try to puff some over your way. Let me know how it works. Pooofff. Shoo rain. Go west, why doncha? You are wanted out there.

                • Teerie, now looked, we hijacked Kelly’s comment, how rude of us. 🙂
                  Yeah, I’ll take your weather, and more! Thank you. I’ve just given Emma a bath outside, and she’s both elated and wistful (mixed feelings everywhere!) .

  1. Happy Summer Solstice everyone.

    Jen your lemonade sounds very refreshing. I will be on the lookout for Meyer lemons. 🙂

    • Really though, regular lemons do a great job of it. And if you care to experiment along with me, (as you always do) perhaps it would be great tried with oranges, even grapefruit, and definitely limes. xx

  2. I finally got to the grocery store and purchased the ingredients to make some refreshing citrus drinks. I made the lemon drink this morning and it is delicious. 🙂

    • Excellent Wen! The breakfast of champions! 🙂 I bought lemons yesterday (not Meyer, just organic regular kind) and will make some when the afternoon heats up.

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