breadcrumbs . . .

jenjoycedesign© on the knitting trail 2

As I walked this morning on the knitting trail, and as latest storm brewed , I decided to drape the lace-in-progress on a lifeless little maple tree, and take a photo. Then I made a silly old-school schematic of the picture   :: laughs ::   I have been slowly and steadily making progress on forthcoming lace design, so far have knit 440 yards, but that is only half of   the 50g Unspun ball I made.    I tell you, this ultra fine yarn really is serious stuff, only a dedicated & determined knitter should ever try knitting with it.   Keep watching for breadcrumbs in the woodland, which can be found in  veils & variations.

7 thoughts on “breadcrumbs . . .

    • Kelly, this knitting definitely focuses less on the walking and 99 percent on the knitting. I basically stand during an intense action row of nupps, and walk when I’m on the purl sides with no nupps. LOL!
      The house has slowed down since December, with 1 to 2 men working 3 to 4 days out of the week, and many sub contractors waiting the rain out. No complaints! I love going up there and imagining where things will be. The other day (on my birthday) we had a meeting with the contractor on the wall layout, now that was exciting, because Jeff and I put so much consideration into customizing it when we built it originally, it was like deja vu!

  1. Hi Jen, Do you have any interest in selling your tiny house when you move back into your big house? I’m a fellow knitter/spinner from Sonoma and my husband and I may be interested in buying it. Thanks.

    • Hi Ginger, I do remember you from spinning group, if you’re that Ginger who spins! I’m sorry but we decided to keep it, as our guest quarters before were upstairs of Jeff’s workshop, which also burned to ashes in the wildfire along with the house. We might sell it off one day, but there’s no saying when. Good luck on your Tiny House hunt! xx

      • Yes, I am the spinner you remember from our gatherings. Thanks so much for your reply. I wish you all the best in your re-building and re-settling of your home. My daughter and her family lost her place up Mark West canyon in the fires too. But the tiny house is something we are considering for just my husband and I.

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