Franny & Zooey

jenjoycedesign© Mt Veeder Raven.JPG
I have been thinking of names for our pair of lovebird ravens, predictably a famous couple, and  Franny & Zooey comes to mind.  A fictitious pair of genius siblings who are perfectly worthy of these smart trusting birds, and well, its just that I’m a fan of Salinger.    Here’s Zooey, on the wood pile, right next to our tiny house ….
jenjoycedesign© Mt Veeder Raven 2.JPG
jenjoycedesign© the-male-raven 1
He is preening and watching over his shy lady Franny, who walks on the ground at a greater distance in the Charcoal Forest.
jenjoycedesign© the-male-ravenjenjoycedesign© the-female-raven

But distance is relative, because I tell you folks, I was 20 feet away at the most, quietly inching forward ever so slowly before Zooey caught on to me, and took flight.

jenjoycedesign© the-male-raven-taking-flight
Beautiful birds, I just can’t get over them.
They have so far snubbed my yarn offerings by the way!

16 thoughts on “Franny & Zooey

  1. Yes, the native birds snubbed mine too! And then, I was so cranky, when I found a wind-fallen nest that was stuffed with that hideous acrylic stuff they use on cushions!!!
    I was offering them possum!!! Luxury fibre in gorgeous colourway being cast aside!!
    Your ravens look so beautifully apt among the charcoal boles!
    And aren’t they a shy bird.
    I love them.

    • Karin, isn’t it just so? Possum even! The fibers yarns are being made of .these days. Of course, animal rights would have it that they comb the possums for their fur, but not too often? lol. Yes, the hideous acrylic packing blanket which covers the bathtub is far more valuable to them. Ah well, I can’t say as I blame them for their quirky tastes, as we all have our quirks. xx

      • The animals are a pest in New Zealand. They do enormous damage! And they are hunted. Actively.
        It is a terrible state of affairs which the animals (native and “pest”) have done nothing to create.
        I guess I do console myself with the notion that at least the fur of the animals is being used.
        And yers, their quirky tastes… who knows what specific requirements guide their decision making.
        What I do know is that my yarn ends will end up as raw material for some creature doing something…
        P.S. My new spinning wheel has arrived.
        Now begins the job of finishing it and putting it together.

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