Landed in the new loft…

jenjoycedesign© objects de arte.JPG
Hi everybody,  its me,  Abelene.

We have landed!  Me, the Ashford wheel, and some dusty old baskets, up here in the new place, because Jen has decided to take claim and begin getting her tools of the trade into the far-from-finished loft, and months ahead of the house completion.  Jen spoke of a basket with a sock project in every room a while back in Never Far From A Prayer, and well, she ended up with quite a few (she says she’s embarrassed to admit just how many) vintage Longaberger baskets to load up with knitterly things. And spinnerly things too, and stash about places. She’s got plans for them all. The beautiful Ashford Traditional wheel is going to need some real polishing up, and the drive band got eaten by a mouse in the shed over the last year. Such is Life In A Shed.  Jen wants me to tell everybody how much she is looking forward to getting back to spinning and the Tweed Chronicles once her blending board #2 is all set up.

jenjoycedesign© tools-of-trade.JPG

Me, Ashford & The Longabergers, we love our new dwelling, and are snug as a bug in a rug!

Ta ta for now,

9 thoughts on “Landed in the new loft…

    • Hi Susan. The spinning wheel was a gift from a very generous person in the Bay Area, which was just after the fire, and the baskets I’ve been collecting on ebay recently. Very little did I have a chance to bring with me, Oct. 2017, as I had to leave in a hurry the fire was so fast.

  1. Abelene I am so happy that you have moved into the loft already, what a lovely looking location for you. Tell Jen that she did a great job on the walls.

    • Hi Wen, Jen here. 🙂 Thank you, its been a bit stressful lately, with the rest of the house painting, but now that painting is all finished, I think things will be on the upswing really soon. Abelene is over the moon to go back home, and so am I, because so much meaningfulness in these small gestures of claiming studio space back. I am now reliving early summer two years ago in my mind, trying to get energized again with what supplies I have gathered. xx

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