Never far from a prayer.


Sunstruck needles by Knitpicks

I have been going a little off the deep end hunting & sleuthing out the best finds on ebay of small vintage baskets, as well as made an order for a few more sets of Sunstruck dpns.  Add to that the sox box I found only weeks ago, and my recent filling it with half-ball cakes of sock yarn. Can you guess where this is going?  But first let me give you a little backstory;  I have for a long time, even years,  wanted to have a simple little knitting project in a small basket in every room of the house,  like socks, so I am never far from a prayer.  I suppose I aim to find peace in constant knitting.  I have only to wait until the house is complete of course, before I can fully actualize this notion, but I am intending to start as soon as my first little baskets show up,  filling them each with something simple like a sock project and setting them up everywhere about.  I don’t know what’s happened to me, but in these last few days knitting with the beautiful birch wood double-pointed needles is nothing less than a sock knitting epiphany. I have been feeling rather spiritually lifted from it all.  I know, strange how it is. So please hang around this space as I begin to transform and organize something deep within me which has been nothing short of lost, but now seems nearer to being found.

10 thoughts on “Never far from a prayer.

  1. This is such a wonderful development for you! You have been lost for so long and now you’re almost home–literally. I am so pleased for you! I suspect that you will be receiving gifted containers for your room-by-room knitting projects. That also pleases me–how the fiber arts community comes together at times such as this.

    • Peggy, how sweet of you to be keeping track of me. 🙂 There will be only seven rooms, and yes, that includes both bathrooms, kitchen too. What better to do while soaking in the bath, or waiting for the kettle to boil, or butter to melt in the pan… than to knit! Thank you for your lovely visit, hope to see you here more. xx

  2. I will keep an eye out for sweet little baskets to send your way! I like bags for each project, so I can pick them up and carry them out. Also, my family seems to think we ‘share’ baskets, so I can’t leave them all over the house.

    • Oh Becky, I am touched by your generosity, although I hope I wasn’t hinting to be the recipient of gifts, I am having a jolly time shopping 🙂 . Thanks for your kind words. xx

  3. That is just marvellous!
    Truly wonderful…
    Uplift breeds uplift I am sure…
    And with your carefully constructed “Stations of the Socks” you will never be far from refuelling…

  4. What’s lost is found again. Yay! I’ve been revamping, reorganizing and rebuilding my studio. Let the Spring brooms sweep new life into every nook and cranny, dear Jen.

    • I like that idea ” spring brooms ” …. yes! Your studio/house is an amazing place; quilting,wool-washing, spinning, knitting, painting, booch making (still at it?) and clever gardening. I have to get back to my hunkering at the fence at Bealtieme, so much is going on right now. But I’ve got some sprouts of English Peas happening in little dixie cups and got my spring potatos in (4th generation since before the wildfire!) and in general things ‘springing into action’. xx

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