Sox Box

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On the vernal equinox I found myself running over to Lolo’s, a great little thrift shop in St Helena, and I found  this nifty wooden thing.   I thought it especially nifty because the compartments can be put to use in a very knitterly way, and so it is now my official Sox Box !

A single pair of sturdy hand-made socks fits nicely in each compartment . . .jenjoycedesign© sox box 2

This is in fact, my latest pair of St Andrews Harbour Socks, from the March Into Spring KAL  that I’ve been posting about. I worked chart C over 60 stitches, and simply worked stockinette instead of the moss stitch. To me they look so like the knee-high socks I wore as a school girl.

jenjoycedesign© sox box 5

I did knit an awful lot of socks last year when I was making samples for St Andrews, but gave most of them away for holiday gifts. However,  I did keep two extra pairs for myself, so adding the latest finished pair with Miss Babs Northumbria sock yarn, I am ahead filling the Sox Box by three pair!

jenjoycedesign© sox box3

Three compartments filled, and a dozen to go.

jenjoycedesign© sox box 4

 Yarn: Miss Babs Northumbria Fingering, in color of “Adobe”.

Pattern: St Andrews Harbour

Project details on Ravelry  here.

♣    ♣    ♣

Aside from sock knitting, we’re having a lot of Spring rain here, and its forecast to continue probably through the remainder of March. The surplus of water is a gift from the planet in our drought prone area, so I’m feeling somewhat rain-restored. Life is good.

11 thoughts on “Sox Box

    • Hey Wen! Sock knitting is my bliss right now, and I am keen to declare March as my own personal sock-knitting month! 🙂 Lets catch up, for although I do want to knit more socks, my brain is getting restless , and am ready to get on to my next design. xx

    • Hi Bonny, yes I’m sure one can be made, even custom to fit your dresser drawer! This is just a reproduction country chic milk crate I think. Probably you could find something online too, but I like the idea of a hand-made one! xx

  1. What a great box! It could hold so many knitterly things! I love poking about a good thrift shop.

    We also were blessed with a rainy nor’easter yesterday, most of the snow and ice are gone. Just a few more weeks and we will be fairly certain they won’t return for months. The raised beds are bare!!! The world looks brown and dreary but I know that is the precursor to growth. 😊

  2. Hello! I found your long ago blog post about EZ’s percentage system. I’ve searched through your blog trying to find a post about your findings — do you prefer EZ’s approach or Ann Budd’s? I love to knit but can’t follow patterns. I’ve knit three “tubes,” sleeves and the body and now I’m trying to figure out how to do the yoke. Would you mind sharing which method you prefer? On your post in 2012 you say you’re not sure if the percentages you came up with will work. So I guess my main question is, do they? I think your post is such a good explanation. Thank you!

    • Hello Janene. I started out using Ann Budds book “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns”, but then realized much of her charts are based on EZ’s Percentage (and her daughter apparently Meg Swansen) … so I suggest just going by EZ at first. But if you can get Ann Budd’s book, you’ll have no trouble knitting any sweater.

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