A house in progress.


I thought I’d post a little about the progress of our house rebuilding!

The most exciting thing is that half of the openings in the roof for the sky lights have been rough cut and light is already pouring in and illuminating things in a most magical way.

Compare the original house skylights of Then …


From the Archives: Sweater Descent

to the rough cut openings of skylights of  Now.


Fantastic! I recognize my dearest of old friends Light &  Shadow, among the beams.

Oh how I have missed them!
Its been a really late spring folks, with gobs of beautiful rain, and it is still a bit chilly & breezy, but now the perpetual deep blue skies & sunshine is on its way!  The foliage from the year-old shoots from burned trees are growing rapidly, and the flowers are bursting open everywhere . . .

 Soon will be siding and roofing…

And at the same time Jeff is now rebuilding the deck, with a little bit of my help.   Rebuilding  has been slow going all winter, and while our county beurocrats have not shown any effort to hasten things,  our dedicated few builders commuting from far away have stayed through the worst of storms, and have remained positive and encouraging, so now at last it looks like things will speeding up.
I meditate everyday on being ‘back home’ in our rebuilt house, setting up my loft room and setting new lofty goals for myself ! It is so comforting and gratifying to see how much it looks and feels like our original house, after all it is the very same kit, and its easy to feel like its all just a dream, which I am soon to wake from.   I am amazed at some of the blog readers that have commented, apparently keeping track of me and the progress since the wildfire , and that is so heartwarming. I am getting a clearer vision now of the next equinox being a time when I will be a busy bee reacquainting myself with my old routine again.

But do tell me, how is the weather where you are?

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14 thoughts on “A house in progress.

    • Peggy, thank you for your words; I do not feel that strong, nor patient, nor peaceful, but yes, I am grateful and proud of this apparent surreal endurance I am experiencing. I think I make posts when I instinctively need to get perspective. 🙂 xx

      • And I’d like to add , that whoever you are, wherever you are, I sincerely hope you are having a lovely grateful Spring, or Autumn
        … and living in awe of yourself! xx

  1. Jen your house is going to be beautiful. The sunlight coming through the roof is very cheerful. I love the pretty yellow flower growing near the rocks. I hope you are having a great day.

    • Hi Wen, its the sunlight in the house, through the skylights, seem to be the deal maker for me. 🙂 That yellow flower is a freesia I planted about 10 years ago, right at the base of a Meyer lemon tree. The lemon tree never did well, and died in the fire, but that freesia, brings a delightful scent of citrus fragrance and seems to be ready to welcome the joys of Spring in spite of itself. 🙂 xx

  2. It looks so wonderful! Homey wood tones with sunlight, nice! Winter held on this week with not one but two snow storms, but spring is fighting back this weekend – 60!!! Hallelujah!

    • Karin, I’m hanging on by a thread, as I am saying a lot these days, but so fitting. I intend to have all the studio supplies at hand that I have been hunting for & collecting, and when the gun goes off, I am off on the race to get things done. I think my first big project will be to get that (new) blending board out and do a whole new pastel color saturated mix. And you are a spinner now, you speak the language! 🙂 xx

  3. Jen, I just caught up on your last few blog entries. Things seem to be coming along nicely with your new home and I’m happy to hear you sounding so cheerful. I love the “knitting in every room” idea. I too have a project or two in several places in my house but I keep taking my sweet pink Unspun Golden Fields with nupps around with me. It’s also my “traveling with Don” project.
    I look forward to some new sock designs. I have knitted with BFL Wool From Wales that I purchased at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It’s wonderful! What I have is a lace weight, so maybe a pair of socks on a US 1 needle would be a fun project…hmmm. Waiting and knitting…onward.

    • Virginia! Oh, the house is near to being Home. I was just asked the other day how big is it, someone thought it looks big, however relative size is difficult from a photo, it is a cozy cabin size (1500 sq ft) and yet the loft ‘guest bedroom’ which I adopted as my space, is quite adequate to be a dreamy little studio, which it was/will be again, although this time less cluttered closets & drawer spaces. I am really touched you’re interested in the forthcoming sock pattern (a bit of a collection, as usual) that I’m immersed in now, but I have no deadlines on my fragile self. Since the fire, I just can’t manage any level of pressure, even if only self-inflicted, but I say this with plenty of compassion for myself. Because after a few months or so, I intend to regain my stout self again, having determination, and resolve. The baskets have all come, vintage Longaberger baskets I won on ebay… charmed my socks off I tell you! I have the rooms covered now. 🙂
      I could write everyday on my blog, but being so visible now with many followers, I feel a little bashful! Can you believe it? Well, I am getting back to my coffee which is getting cold, and picking up one from the socks. I believe it will start to rain today, so we’re wafting in and out of fog and sun, which suits me perfectly! You take care, and thank you for everything,

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