Spinning For A Project – Part Three: Color Test

jenjoycedesign© test spin 1

Continueing from Part Two where I assemble the ingredients of English Rose Tweed.

I think I really like it.  I really wasn’t sure that I wanted to have so much rose pink in a yarn for myself.  But then again, I recall having knit the protoype for Calidez Cardigan  in Berocco Inca Tweed in a color which has been woefully discontinued , I remember being disappointed I couldn’t find it again, and I really do think this spun English Rose Tweed is very similar, but not near as vivid.

Still, there it was in my brain that as I was spinning this test 25g spool I thought of how I would alter it if it is too color-intense. I thought; a little more white, and perhaps a splash of turquoise (or light blue & light green) to neutralize the deep pink. I really want to try that, so I decided to take half of one of the rolags here and blend it with some more white and turquoise (light blue & light green mostly), just to satisfy my curiosity. Here is the result of that , do you see it, on the right?  It is rather  subdued . . .jenjoycedesign© test spin 2

I wonder , did curiosity win in this case, and shall I proceed with the rest of the 450 grams by adding turquoise?  Or shall I keep the original, and spin up the rest of the 500 grams?

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Incidentally, while I was walking up with my camera to the new house to go work this color test, I saw this most interesting mushroom right on the side of the road. I’ve never seen a mushroom sprout in August, but it has been rather humid lately. Istn’ it just beautiful? Does anybody know what sort of mushroom it is?

jenjoycedesign© mushroom by the road

11 thoughts on “Spinning For A Project – Part Three: Color Test

    • There is SO much grey and grey brown in the mix, that I really think I’ll stay with the original, and not get it too tweaked with the turquoise. I have to spin 500g for myself, so I don’t want to take a big risk. xx

  1. Okay, I’m all caught up I think…back from camping with my kooky family. We took a beautiful hike up in the Green Mountains of Vermont and saw some amazing mushrooms in a variety of shapes and colors. One looked like a spiney white coral. I can not identify mushrooms sadly…wild flowers yes, mushrooms, no.
    That said, I’m a fan of rich deep colors, and the tea rose is beautiful. However, I like the soft blend with the white equally as much as the more pink version. Your eye for color is perfect, but if I had to pick just one it would be the pink one.
    Some many choices…what’s a girl to do!

    • With the internet at hand, nobody has to be a mushroom numpty…lol. But I don’t care to search, knowing one of you out there would surely know. I’m so glad you like the more vivid one best, I think that’s going to be the keeper. XX

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