Gifts From The Sun: part 7

If one is to have fur as an accessory, I think it is a lovely thing to have one that is alive, breathing, and very cuddly, and in Cusco, Peru it is apparent that the llamas have an overwhelming desire to accessorize with their brightly dressed humans too.  In Cusco, llama &  Peruvian indeed have a perfectly symbiotic fashion sense.

Never leave home without your llama!


Where to go from here?

Some moment in the next couple of days I will post, and you will see,

the new design unveiled!

Watch this space!

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4 thoughts on “Gifts From The Sun: part 7

        • Yes, kind of like its done it since it was a baby!
          Truth be told, its a regular industry for some, to dress up in traditional clothes and take their llamas and alpacas into town or out on the Camino Inca (road to Macchu Picchu) and earn tips from tourists. Fine with me ~~ I’d give the girl everything I had in my pockets!

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