two done . . .

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am finally finished Autumn Sweaters 2020, two Sol Inca “after-thought” pullovers. Admittedly, I have struggled getting these finished this year, no question these are the most involved Autumn Sweaters I have knit for my nieces to date, but at last a celebratory end to all deadline knitting! I finished the first one last September, and its taken me this long to wait for yarn and knit the second. Next time you see these sweaters my nieces will be wearing them, and it likely wont be until later this month at the soonest. It is just as well because it is still a mild 50’s to 60’s in the December days, the real cold doesn’t come around until January and February in this part of the world, when it will get as cold as an average in the 40’s and 50’s , and sometimes in the 30’s in the day. With those temperatures, the grape vines are going into dormancy and Napa Valley is having a short nap, and by then my nieces might be happier to slip on these very heavy weight sweaters. And, if my nieces are more comfortable and cozy and not breaking out in a sweat, I shall be a happier auntie photographer . So maybe even better to wait until January.

I found a lovely detail was to over-dye some of the light grey with Yorkshire Tea, and it made a lovely tone of dark gold in the middle of the suns in the light grey sweater, and I must say I’m very pleased with with the ease of tea over-dye. And hey, do you notice the labels? I ordered labels some time in the summer, and I really like them, and what a simple polish it gives a finished sweater. Makes me dream a little, about selling a few hand-knits right from my blog here. What do you think? That about wraps it up for my deadline knitting, and as I am just working on new ideas for the rest of the weeks, I am going to brace myself for some cozy sheltering in while I get immersed into the next projects I have had on the back burner while I finished these colossal labors of love.

15 thoughts on “two done . . .

  1. Well done you! What an achievement.
    You sound like you are in a wonderful place with your making.
    I hear the fizz and pop of creative fervent.
    Your Yorkshire tea experiment worked beautifully….
    I must ask, how many pieces of toast were consumed?
    Really lovely to read this Jen…
    Much love

    • Kelly my dearest, I just am kicking the thought around, if I might have one too many sweater or accessory samples knit up. Tell me how you’re doing! I guess its time for a catch up email ~~ xx

    • Hi Sarah! I just put some vinegar in the bath, which is what I do for wool protein fibers. I’m not an expert dyer, but I heard teas have enough tanens to mordant itself. Worked… in fact, I wish I put fewer tea bags in, I put about 10 for a gallon of water. I think I would have done fine with half that!

  2. Jen your sweaters are gorgeous. I agree with Sorcha, the motifs look like snowflakes. You did a great job with the design as always.

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