out of autumn . . .

jenjoycedesign© birthday socks 5 (2)

I am not doing holiday knitting this year. . .

jenjoycedesign© birthday socks
but these are for a birthday coming up next week, my oldest niece will be 21!
I will give these lovely pair of  Walking With Emma socks  to her when I give both nieces  their sweaters  some time before the year is over,  when we will meet at the castle for a spontaneous photo shoot.

(( I can’t imagine being with them and not smothering them in hugs! ))

jenjoycedesign© birthday socks 4

So close to the winter solstice,  I go stepping out of autumn, walking with tender foot steps so I am careful not to wake nature from its much needed wintery slumber.  Waiting,  waiting,  waiting . . .  and staying creatively immersed and thoughtful while we get through another shelter-in-place for the remainder of the year.
Everybody, please stay home and stay well!

8 thoughts on “out of autumn . . .

    • Aw Virginia, thank you, and Merry Winter Peace , and please keep in tip top shape, because if anything, I need someone to send my dye experiments to, so stay well!

  1. Jen, your nieces have been the benefactors of your gorgeous handknits for many years. I am sure they both appreciate your gifts. Those socks are fabulous.

    Stay safe and snug in your home. I am staying put as well. Just me and the cats enjoying the solitude.

    • Wen, how happy I am to know that you and your lucky kitties are just hanging out for the winter together, and we will keep in touch on a regular basis, as we have for a long time. Thank you again, and again for all of your encouragement! xx

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