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I was going to give myself January to work on knitting my drawer full of winter woolens, but January is over now, and I am still *quite* enjoying knitting the gloves, so much so, that I’ve decided to extend my winter woolen knitting for at least another month. Maybe the rest of Winter! So here I am, delving into my yarns for the perfect yarn to cast on yet another little something in the perfect heathered tweedy tones for my Drawer Full of Winter samples, I’ve brought out my drop spindle and revisited ideas for my Unspun, to create a lovely rustic sock & glove yarn I’m calling “Unspun 220”.


Yup, you guessed it ~~ one 50g ball of Wool of the Andes worsted weight, un-plied into two balls of 2ply yarn that is a very relaxed and loosely wound together fingering weight of 220 yards at 25g each. So pleased with the results, I’m testing it on another pair of gloves. Here it is . . .The color is Amber Heather , one of my favorites, so complex with red, orange flecks in a brownish gold mix, tones that are so much like a wild animal, a fox or deer or rabbit, just screaming to be a pair of gloves I think.

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9 thoughts on “delving

      • Is that possible or is that hyper-vigilance talking?
        “Drifting” is a powerfully creative tool. I am told. Lol.
        I am keen to foster it.
        I am driving back to the Ghost-town today. Our summer has been mild and wet (La Nina). The country will be beautiful and the sheep fat.
        Much love Jen.

        • Okay okay, so its drifting, letting my sails down, taking in the quiet, sewing the seed of another design on in late winter perhaps. Oh, so how IS the ghost town? How is your fire-ravaged landscape doing this summer? I remember the spring following our Autumn fire, the grasses were SCARY high!
          “fat sheep”, I like that! xx

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