My January Obsesson 3

Practice is what builds skill, and only practice. The proper tools help, and I’ve got all I need of them, but what is key to getting good at something is just spending time just doing the work.

This is about 480 yards and 110 grams of what is a sort of deep flax flower blue, made from two balls of worsted weight Wool Of The Andes “Baltic Heather”. Over recent days I’m getting more consistent evenness in my s-twist with this fine fingering weight, and getting the hang of the super duper fast electric plying machine, while I turned another decade older.

No complaints, just quietude and gratitude to work the days away. These January days have me feeling more relaxed than I have been in a long time, and I’m really enjoying learning a new thing, and now I’m on my way down the mountain to Oakville Post to get this skein on its merry way eastward to Pennsylvania!

13 thoughts on “My January Obsesson 3

  1. Beautiful Jen and the ve4ry best of birthday wishes.
    I drove up to my Ghost town with my spinning wheel, knitting machine and dyes.
    Have been busy ripping out old wall linings and haven’t had a chance to use them yet.
    Your post will have to vicariously satisfy me until I can sit.
    Much love

      • Thank you so much Jen
        I am out here yes. I am attempting to push it through to a finish. I am emptying the cabin and pulling down all the temporary lining prior to finishing the wiring.
        Slow but steady.

    • Virginia… lol. Heads up; I sent some flax spinning fiber samples along too, from my fiber stash, to christen your new old wheel, knowing you could use it where I have not and can’t see spinning it in the near future. Um, I couldn’t wait until the skein was completely dry, before sending your way, so its ever-so-slightly damp. Please let sit in a warm space with open air when you get a hold of it. xx

      • Totally dry. The flax is spectacular, but I’m just little bit intimidated because it’s sooo different. The unspun is perfect and the color is gorgeous. Thank you so much for your kindness.

        • Keep the flax somewhere near your wheel in a basket, or practice dressing your flax distaff? No remorse whatsoever if the flax just sits in your stash for a long while, I have resolved that although I love linen, I will likely never try spinning it, so I’m so glad you got an old flax wheel so I had a good excuse to send it to you. 🙂 xx

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