Patamanta Sleeves

The most recent addition to Patamanta, a pair of super soft thumbhole “sleeves”, knit in 100% superfine Simply Alpaca. As I had got quite a stash of it last Autumn I can explore my ideas unhindered with actual knitting, and I am enjoying it all, every minute. Particularly these, part of the eventual Patamanta pattern collection. The pattern will also include legwarmers, and shorter mitts, although as yet I haven’t knit up those, and being nearly the same idea as the sleeves, I may not need to. Leg warmers, sleeves, and mitts all have the same charts, just a matter of how many repeats in the round and in length. I still have a few more things to knit up from this small little collection, so I’m just enjoying the calm knitting pace, and letting inspiration come in little waves, and also staying very busy outside this Springtime.

A little felted pouch…

A felted phone pouch I’ve just finished, made from the new augmented Patamanta charts, and in a cheerful bright Peruvian colorway. The new charts are not quite available yet, not until I finish the other things from the little collection I am putting together under the Patamanta name, then I’ll round it all up and update the pattern, I promise! But really, I’m just taking my time, enjoying the knitting, and in no rush. I took the opportunity to add this little pouch to the pattern because I badly need a phone pouch as I have a new phone that I need to start keeping with me when I go for hikes up here in the wild as I never know when I’m going to trip over another fallen tree and injure my foot again, or if I will need to scare away preying wildlife with the funky ringtones, or ? Now that I think about it, before I take it out on the trail, I am considering giving it a bath of onion skins or tea to tone it down a bit and make it more earthy!

Patamanta Minis

I have taken a pause from new design project, to put together a gift for a friend’s grand-child who is turning three soon, and taking this opportunity to augment my recent Patamanta pattern into a small collection. Not sure, probably will just add some thumbhole “sleeves” or long fingerless mitts & legwarmers, as well as more variations of the original chullo, with augmented charts and sizes. I managed to sample these mini sizes just by using the smallest of the sizes and odd bits of sock-weight yarn. Thus far at least I have the present ready on time, but as yet I still must knit some adult sized samples in heavier weight un-dyed alpaca, before it is complete. Who knows what else I will knit from it, because I am unable to stop as these little colorwork pieces are so fun to knit, and completely addictive!