Hazel’s Hair

Hair , not really … it is wool.  Lincoln-Corriedale wool, and bags of it.  I cared for this sweet brown ewe for a few years back when I was just learning to spin,  and ended up with fleece for a long many year.  Still spinning it !

I think Lincoln-Coriedale is a beautiful wool,  and Hazel’s in particular was a lovely deep chestnut & hazel colored lamb fleece , with greys starting to gradually overtake and a more charcoal color developed.  In the end (after she died) I  became overwhelmed with the 5 various fleeces that I had let accumulate (a sin!) and had them all processed together into roving and batting at the Yolo Wool Mill, and I will have this wool for many a year.  Perfect for rugged sweaters knitted from semi-woolen/worsted spun , I think I could make some seriously lovely and long-wearing fisherman ganseys.

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