Peppermint Parfait

One pair of  fingerless mits for Christmas !

I’ve been working on these, sans pattern, for about four days, while walking , standing at the stove, just ‘ about the house ‘ sort of knitting …. nothing too committed. I think I could easily knit one in a morning if I worked at it non-stop.  Anyway, I’m smitten with pin-stripes !!! So easy to be ‘jogless’ too, just give the yarn a little tug when you come to switching colors, and then the single-row stripe ends stay all in line …  it’s amazing… and so satisfying to have two color affects with no woven ends . I can see I’ll be knitting pin-stripes until I”m dizzy . One pair done, now to cast on for another !

Details on Ravelry here

6 thoughts on “Peppermint Parfait

    • Lizzi , these are the first I’ve attempted (since reading about the ones on your Ravelry projects and deciding I’d make them)… these of course, are for my youngest niece, who still chooses pink (I don’t think she’ll be looking here, so I doubt I’m spoiling any surprise). Glad you like the banner, but change was incredibly difficult 😉

    • Lizzi, the tension looks really tidy because, well, I’m knitting DK weight yarn with size #3 needles (and knit tightly as I do) producing really dense fabric…although the superwash wool is very soft and fluffy so it works out nicely.

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