Nora’s Christmas Chulo


One hat, knit for one twenty-month old Nora, for Christmas.

Knit totally improvised,  over a couple of days, mostly during one Christmas party, and one long hike walking the hills.


Now finished, and will send off in the mail. I love it, and I think she will too.  Made from one-hundred percent Peruvian alpaca yarn, who couldn’t?

Well anyway, this is the first of as many gifts as I can possibly knit up until Christmas, which will be all posted in succession.  Starting another immediately… something stripey & pepperminty.

Details on Ravelry here .

10 thoughts on “Nora’s Christmas Chulo

    • Lizzi, it is only in the last couple of years I’ve been gaining momentum in being a Constant Knitter. (That of course means that I don’t go anywhere or do anything.) 🙂

    • Thanks Misa ! I started the easy hiking on our dirt road with strictly stockinette stitch… but you know how things go when you practice a lot… I’m now doing colorwork, and over rocky terrain as well. (I did however trip the other day, and I’ve dropped my yarn so many times , trailing behind me for yards and yards… in the weeds and leafy duff & even stickers… quite funny actually. )

  1. Nora’s wee hat is just the most adorable gift you could give her for Christmas. Stunningly beautiful. I’m sure it feels soft as a cloud and those colours are just a magical combination together. Beautiful work. I see every reason why you should feel very proud.

    • Thanks so much CampbellScot ! It is super soft, I’m rather a big fan of this yarn which is called “Andean Treasure” from KnitPicks, and is 100% Alpaca (mentioned in details on Ravelry) ~ the color of green ‘cilantro’ is so pretty, and it suprised me how well it goes with the light purple. I ought to knit something with just the two colors and send it to you !

  2. Those colors are pretty, and made a really pretty chullo. I think I’d better check into Knitpicks and see about their alpaca, those colors are so striking. And you knit it without a pattern? Well done. She’ll love it.

    • Thank you Martha ! Yes, I didn’t go near a pattern and did it completely improvised. I’ve actually done dozens of these sorts of hats in my life, so they just come as second nature. THe KP alpaca is really nice yarn, not a lot of colors to choose from, but super plush ! I am using up a lot of stash, then I am going to broaden my yarn-purchasing horizon to some other brands , in next projects coming up.

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