Foot steps, and paw steps.

jenjoycedesign© striped socks 1Wow, January is nearly over. So much is going on, with Spring really just around the corner! I have SO much I want to do, I’m feeling a little naturally overwhelmed, so I’m forcing myself to rein in too much excitement, and keep it to a dull roar.

jenjoycedesign© striped socks 2

Finished a pair of socks, in unexpectedly fun self-striping sock yarn I found at Michael’s Crafts, not believing it could be so beautiful of a colorway.  I’m really attracted to the ochre stripe, that deep mustard, next to the grey.  I think I’m ready for something mustard yellow & grey colorwork, which is a stellar color combo and yet perhaps already a bit tired in the fashionable trends, but I was never one to care about trends.

Pattern: Another pair in Walking With Emma, modified with rib chart A and stockinette leg.

Yarn: Kroy Sock Yarn in color 55102

♥    ♥    ♥

And speaking of Walking with Emma, she’s three months away from 15, indeed a very old girl.  She naps a lot of the day in her car cave, which is her very own hermitage & safe place of contemplation, complete with electric heating pad, and she tolerates being out of it only for short intervals.   With the help of a good harness, together we have four good paws and so she comes in for the morning , and again mid-afternoon, sometimes evening for a snack if she’s barking for something. Here she is just now finished with her home-cooked dinner.  Each day she’s still here is a good day, um, even if she is not squarely on her bed!

jenjoycedesign© Emma Jan 28, 2020

15 thoughts on “Foot steps, and paw steps.

  1. Two days after reading this someone gave me this exact yarn in the same colorway. How serendipitous!
    I’m putting these on the needles now! 💖💖💖

    • That is not a coincidence, because the stars aligned just so you could receive the yarn and knit your socks. You’ll love the yarn as much as I did. I’ll probably buy another couple of balls of it! xx

  2. Such a beautiful old girl, and so happy looking too. Our German Shepard made it to 12 and she was terribly unhealthy. It was bitter sweet when she finally went to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. Happy Birthday pretty girl!

    • But Virginia, twelve years is a full life for a German Shepherd, you did good for her, and she lived her breed’s life expectancy. I’m telling you, nearly everyday I question myself about whether or not Emma has ‘quality of life’… such an existential question, while it is extra work (although shared) for Jeff and I to help her around– but worth every bit of extra work. I know you understand all of that. xx

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