A new thing, and a birthday!

jenjoycedesign© upcoming thing

I’ve been picking up the pace with the knitting in the last few days, ramping up for a new design. Here at the start, with many prototypes ahead yet to knit, and many winter hours spent in  pattern writing concentration, I’m going for it again. More to come, most definitely.

I am really astonished at how time speeds along. Tomorrow is the seventh birthday of Jenjoyce Design! That is, January 25th 2013, I submitted my first pattern to Ravelry, a free pattern, and new projects of it continue to get knit about the place. I have kept things moving forward with JJD very slow and steady, taking my time trying for the most artful and original designs that I can manage, and opting out of all the crazy marketing, video presence… etcetera … and have just stuck with the old-school blogging.  Wanting to rely only on myself, I choose to wear all the hats in the indie design process, keeping it modest and within my ability.  I suppose I have been doing well enough for a hermit knitter enjoying the quietude of her woods hermitage, I can’t really complain about anything, and have mountains of gratitude for everyone who has encouraged me, keeping up appearances in Jenjoyce Design Group on Ravelry, commenting here on my blog, and test knit the new designs ~~ you know who you are, and thank you!

((  Oh, and I am having a very brief pattern give-away celebration just for part of today over on Ravelry  here  in case you want to join in the celebration! Edit In: Now Closed))

This is what seven years looks like . . .


9 thoughts on “A new thing, and a birthday!

    • Wen, you have been absolutely key in my keeping with it; from our little test-knit-alongs, sometimes just the two of us, to the many emails keeping me company while I knit. Thank you so much ! xx

  1. Congratulations on 7 years of doing what you love and resisting the hoopla and craziness. I read lots of blogs and think yours is a gentle warm place to come home to.

    • Thank you Sarah! I like to know that its a warm place. I think I am past the trauma that you’ve known since you started reading the posts, and you’ll hopefully find that status quo is just a lot of happy makin’ stuff. lol.
      That said, I have a boatload of hard work outside to do this weekend, :groan: 🙂 xx

  2. Congratulations!
    Yours is a wonderful achievement. I think you are so wise to stick to the blog.
    You have such a wonderful community of knitters here. And it built on basic principles of listening and sharing and some silence.
    Social media always feels like someone is obsessively loading me up with packages… I end disorientated and sick at heart with the knowledge that I have not given things my full attention.
    I love the space you have created here and the wonderful women who inhabit it.
    Well done

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