Cables ! ! !

Twisted while walking over hill and dale . .

and counted so I could watch my surroundings.

K (1,2,3,4,5,6), P (7,8), K (9,10), P (11,12) . . . repeat,

 & twist cables every 13th row.


Knitted while walking in the last of the Autumnal color.

Environs greying more each day as the leaves fall to the ground and colors melt away.

Not the last, but another knitted gift for one soon to be Thirteen !!!

I have named it simply . . .

 ” Stormy “.


 *   *   *

Details of this project found on Ravelry here

11 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. I love this one, my favorite color as you know. Still can’t figure out how you hike and knit at the same time. I’d be falling into the ravine! You’ve got to teach me this one….I’m having beginners fantasies….

  2. I can’t believe you knitted that while walking! The cables are done so nicely, and the colors are always great. I love your knitting. I read somewhere 🙂 that you might do a give away…. wow put me in for that! 😉 I’m in awe. I’m knitting simple stitches for a cowl neck my sister wants, just knit on circular needles for 10 inches! And you’re walking knitting cables. Dang! That’s good.

    • Hi Martha, you could do it too, perhaps while walking Oreo? Truth is that I belt Emma’s leash around my waist so that I have my hands free, and I just walk slow, slow, slow. For this project I counted 1 thru 12 and messed up in a few places, but no biggy. You know, I only had to twist a cable once every 13 rows so it just was like a rib you know? (a K6,P2,K2,P2 rib). I know, I must do a give-away, maybe after the new year. 🙂 Thanks for posting as you always do. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen quite a few really neat cabled hats like this. I love the design but I am hesitant to cast one on for myself because I haven’t had much luck looking good in hats in the past.

    Maybe I’ll chance it anyways!

    • Hi Sava, nice to meet you. Why not make one and decide what to do with it later then? Its quite floppy and with 100% superwash Merino wool is sooo soft… you almost can’t *not* wear it 🙂

    • Hey Lizzi, I mention in the details of the project in Ravelry (but not on the post) that the hat was knit to look similar to the various hats / beanies worn by the various members of the band “One Direction” of which my niece is crazy over ! 🙂

    • Thanks Misa ! I sure hope the ‘stormy’ kid I made it for loves it, that’s all that matters. But it was so easy to knit, out of tweed next time… I think I will have to make another.

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