Leeks & Scallions !


This is not really a knitting post, nay. In order to cheer myself and this space here up a little, I’ve decided to begin sharing my garden a bit. Especially as this weekend , and last, and the one before that, I’ve worked like an ox in the garden. My hands are riddled with cuts, thorn punctures, slivers, scrapes, and my nails are very dirty. And I am sore, sore, sore…. and tired, tired, tired… but I am so fired up !

So here are two jars of the first of this year’s harvest from the garden ~ one of leeks, and one of scallions. There is a bounty of these now, as I planted them from seeds at the very end of last summer, then proceeded to ignore them all Autumn & Winter, and they just grew and bunched and multiplied somehow.  I am hoping to master the garden’s best friend ~ the alliums !

My Leeky Tub . . .


17 thoughts on “Leeks & Scallions !

  1. Well, I am jealous. It is so cold here and most of the seeds are still in the packets. I loooong for Spring to stay for more than half an hour. It keeps peeking its head out then disappearing again. However, it is good that you are being productive. What are you making with your bountiful harvest? Something special, I hope!

    • Hi Lizzi x
      Your garden will be greeting you soon I sure hope. I’ll be jealous of you in a couple of months, when my garden will be wilting under the sun struggling to stay alive, and I’ll be longing for cool & moist places. As to what to make, well,
      I was thinking maybe a good ol’ Leek Soup . Maybe a good sort of salsa with the scallions, but oh , my tomatoes aren’t even flowered yet.. just little bitty babies. I’ll just toss in salads, on omelets and everything I cook. 🙂

  2. You are having fun! I wish I could plant seeds now, but its a bit early here in Idaho. I do have pansies that are colorful as well as spring bulbs that have bloomed. Makes for a colorful early spring garden with some big rocks mixed in. We even had a vegetable garden, albeit small one, out in the front yard last summer, and also had the largest sunflower I’ve ever seen grow right up through the middle of it. It all came from the farmer’s market, the sunflower starter plant, and grew to the top of the house eaves! The birds have enjoyed the seeds all winter, and even now. It was huge. So onward toward warmer weather, more gardening than pansies will get done! 🙂 Your garden is an inspiring one – I hope to have one growing soon!

    • Wow Martha… that sounds like the sunflower to lead all sunflowers ! Maybe the seeds released from it will grow around into new sunflowers. Be watchful when you weed now… so you don’t accidentally pluck one out. 🙂 I hope you do that Front Yard garden again, it’s a great example to show the world !

  3. Hi Jen – thank you for visiting my blog! Your leeks and scallions are gorgeous. We just planted out itty bitty leeks on the weekend so we’re months behind yours! I have young tomatoes too – I grow heirloom varieties from seed every year. With a chance of frost at night still they spend their days in the sunny cold frame and come indoors for the nights.

    I love your striped sweaters, too! 🙂

    • Thanks Myriam, I only just now found your comment from last April. How’s your garden going now? (Actually , I noticed on your blog, very similar to mine!)

  4. A lovely idea like every one~ I’ve been on your blog so much! I love it! It really inspires me! Do you know what I mean? Wink wink.

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