Molly’s Montreal


She knit up so springy, and wadded up into such a condensed fluffy pet-like thing I couldn’t imagine to fit a woman. But to my fascination and surprise,  when under the water she went, when into the warm bath she melted and mellowed and soaked, hidden under the crackling shampoo bubbles, and collapsed into her true self… she transformed.  Ah, but then I rinsed her thrice in clear water, and pressed her against the porcelain sink wall as the water trickled out…. and out… and out.


And then, you know that moment when you first lift the wet heavy lump of smooshedness from the porcelain… that moment… when you feel how the wet yarn becomes weak against gravity, and you then know just how strong and sturdy, or just how delicate she is going to be? Well, let me tell you ! She rose up from the porcelain no longer a springy wad of sassy puffy loops, but now fully sprung loops, alluring, glistening with wet color, and completely relaxed into her full length and width. No question she will be the right size enough now.  How could I have doubted?


What measured  barely 28″ in the bust, just off the needles, slightly crumply,  tighter  gauge, is now loosely blocked out (just shaped, no pins) to the exact measure I wanted of 33″ .  Magically when swinging about off of the flat blocking towel, I’m sure she will bounce back to about  31″ and have just the right amount of negative ease in the bust that a fitted tee ought to have for a modern young woman. Her true nature blossomed before my eyes into that wonderfully delicate, almost lacy creature I knew she’d be, yet a rugged one to marvel. She is indeed a most lightweight summery knitted top to behold.


Her sleeves are not fitted, but something like the pant legs of sailors trousers ~~~ wide and airy.  A breeze can blow through this three-quarter sleeved tee and be dried like freshly scrubbed ship deck in the sun out at sea, in all of about ten minutes.   Refined , yet rugged, and wouldn’t completely die if she accidentally went through the wash. Yet she prefers the handwash treatment, and loves to dry fast out in the sun.  I’ve had a lot of education with these pin-striped tees, I’ve learned what a versatile thing which is skinny sock yarn, knit on tiny needles or big ones !  Once upon a time I thought I wouldn’t like knitting tops with it, but I love it now !!!


Molly is actually the young lady to whom this lucky tee will belong. I am soon to parcel up this wee tee and post it to her,  off to Montreal.  ((  ” Off to Montreal ”  sounds like a fast-paced French Canadian reel or something. ))  It is cropped a lot in the waist length from the original tee, and then longer sleeves (which skirt-wearing Molly requested)… a bit loose in fit and knit in the opposite direction from the live loops of provisional cast-on, to just past the elbow. Though it looks bigger & boxier than the original, I assure you, it is smaller all around.


The perfect top for a visit to the beach on bicycles, for a picnic.  Molly’s Montreal is a modified version of Jenjoyce’s Pin-Striped Sweater Tee , the previous post and the pattern prototype, (which got sent off to her younger sister Maya a week ago). The pattern is at the moment, undergoing editing, and will be available very soon !!!

* * *

Details on Ravelry HERE

Edit in :  I am convinced the decreases in the rib at the neckline need an overhaul… so am presently working on that to write into the pattern.

21 thoughts on “Molly’s Montreal

  1. Just magnificent. I adore it. What lovely symmetry. Off to Montreal…pretty soon you’ll be naming your songs after your knitting creations :)…

  2. So beautiful and amazing and delightful and dear. I think this is a shape I could like for myself. Oh my goodness! Love the poetry of your description. Make me want to dance!!

    • Carol, that is indeed the most fitting , though surreal video… I’ve seen in a long time !!! Animations sure has made a swift journey since the Disney of my childhood. Just amazing… thank you so much ! 🙂 xx

  3. Hi chooky! Got your email. Have been meaning to get in touch for ages. Will email you at the weekend. Love your description of the tee – pure poetry! Love the tee and the colours are beautiful. Well done my lovely wee hen! X

    • Chookie… Hi ! I am looking forward to hearing about your designs and all that you’re up to way up north. But for now I’m off to walk with me dug Emma. :: Emma lix Cuilean:: xx 🙂

  4. Lovely blue color. Am I ever envious! Of you knitting the sweater and of the recipient. Lucky ones, that blue is so gorgeous, I love it. I would love to wear it too.

    Finally I can take up the needles again! And will be a bit behind, just need to find my yarn, and needles, and off I go! I think I’ll start with the mitts, before the sweater, or maybe both at the same time to make up for lost time….

    And that video was a real hoot. Enjoyed that too. I’ll see you in the virtual knitting room!

    • Hello Martha dear ! The last two tees go to Jeff’s nieces (my niece-ishes) and then I’m going to just hang out in the tee party room and chat it up with you all. No hurry.. there are some who have yarn still to buy… everyone at their own pace, it’s not really test-knitting that way… more just happy to have lured in some interest ! If you knit the tee first, you’d be able to wear this summer. Would you care to make a cropped version like ‘Montreal’ with longer half-length sleeves too? Hey, modifications all around are encouraged by me ! Thank you for everything Martha . xx

  5. Jen – So many stripes in so little time, how do you do it? there again, you do write some very beautiful songs, it’s a great joy and honor for me to be your guitarist, love and admiration, J.

  6. What a beautifully written post. The tee is lovely and very wantable however the star of this show is the writing. Jen, you need to develop your talent there. How many people can describe blocking a sweater in such poetic terms. Sheer beauty!

    • Well thank you much Lizzi , I had fun ‘letting loose’ with the pen, so to speak. No harm done ! Maybe this will be my new past-time… we’ll see 😉 xx

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