Autumn Ahead


A welcome sign to me is the first Big Leaf Maple leaves just beginning to fall, and I believe I saw a few on the road-side today, while driving up the mountain !  And it appears as though Autumn Cardigans are well on their way too !   I thought I’d be really thrifty and frugal (and prudent) to use up a pile of about six skeins of light turquoisey tweed left over from a project last October, and well, it only got me this far !  Blast.. that’s the last ball of that, right there on top, with only the body and one sleeve finished (minus yoke & second sleeve and button bands). So no problem, I’ve ordered more, 3 more skeins for Niece Of Thirteen’s cardigan.

Here is the yarn for  Niece Of Ten’s cardigan will be this deep coral pink with mossy green peeries… won’t that be fun?


16 thoughts on “Autumn Ahead

    • Morrie, this tweedy yarn is fun, but I think a little too flecked. Next time I’m looking forward to Donegal Tweed ! 🙂 Oh, hey, did I tell you I found my Donegal Shade Card I thought I lost?

    • Right Martha, I saw all those cute little comments. (You moved???) I hope the girls’ Autumn Sweaters will be done in time… I’m kinda wondering, and worrying. I hope you’re well too !

    • Aww, thank you Kelly ! I think the ‘safe’ colors of Thirteen’s blue & cream will maybe be a little unexciting, but she’ll like it much more ! And Ten’s sweater, you just wait… everybody will be saying… ‘what’s that… pink and… and green???” … much bolder colorway !

    • Lizzi, as I was just remarking elsewhere , the ‘safe’ colors of blue & cream are so much more the fashion statement of the wearer, whereas youngest 10-yr old will let me get away with a wee bit of experimentation. Pink and… and green???” … much more fun colorway !

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