Otro Chulo

jenjoycedesign©008 Otro chulo (another chulo).  Chulo de Primavera ! (Chulo of Spring).  Here he is, just dry from a bath, so bashful in front of the camera. Ah !  Otro Chulo shows his nice color-work, what the heck , how nice, with his little legs sticking out right & left…

jenjoycedesign©005 Otro Chulo sits up a little more confidently, and sees the world around…

jenjoycedesign©006 Okay, now with legs outstretched, quite happy with himself,  begins to hum a little tune

(shhh listen…)

jenjoycedesign©002 About now Otro Chulo is feeling a little sassy, really winds it up for the camera…

tied up & twisted !

jenjoycedesign©blues-tassle But feeling already sleepy again , and dreaming of the day next week when he will stand proudly on my brother’s head ! A linen-cotton blend which is a perfect Faded Blues sort of theme for late Spring thru Summer ~~~  a hybrid style of Peruvian Chulo and  sherpa hat ~~~ my brother’s favorite whacky thing to wear.

jenjoycedesign©Chullo de Primavera Anyway, my brother is getting quite the collection of chulo hats which I have made him (you can see some of them  here ), but honestly I see no reason to stop, and I’m almost certain my brother would agree.

10 thoughts on “Otro Chulo

  1. That was fun. Cute chulo also. How many does he have now? I clicked the link and got the “You seem to be lost…” so I didn’t see a collection of hats. I also liked your previous post, the blue linen shirt made into a woman’s shirt. Gorgeous, too. Both of them. And both were blue! Lucky brother you have.

  2. I don’t think that I have told you this yet but here in Spain Chulo means cool. Ese chulo es muy chulo (that hat is very cool). 🙂 I have no idea if chulo means cool in other Spanish dialects.

    • Kay… just the person I want to talk to… um… my Argentine friend said once that chullo (or chulo, if they’re the same) meant ‘pimp’ ? I wonder if I misunderstood…lol. Or I wonder if 2 ‘L’s makes all the difference. I looked in a Peruvian Knitting book , and there’s a pattern for a ‘chulo’ so I went and changed the spelling as much as I could in my blog from previously spelled ‘chullo’ … lol… but I see both all over Ravelry anyway. 🙂 xx

      • Oh, I have always heard it with just the one “l”. Actually the double “ll” is a letter in the Spanish alphabet in it’s own right and is very pronounced differently than a single “l”. Argentineans and Castilians (the Spanish) pronounce the “ll” differently but you can hear the difference easily in the word. So in conclusion if your friend meant “chullo” it is a completely different word from “chulo”. Also when ever I have heard the word referring to the hat I have heard “chulo” with just the one “l”.

        Ok, I just did an internet search with both terms in Spanish…and they both lead to the hat. ??? Chullo has a Wikipedia entry, but Chulo leads to Spanish language pages that sell the hats.
        Hmm.. I too have an Argentinean friend or two so I will ask them. But we might be dealing with the fact that maybe both words work now. A reason for that might be because a lot os us English speakers do not say the double “ll”, so when the hat became popular here that name diverged into two. Also the Andes span 7 different countries, it is possible that it is known with a different name in different dialects.

        Finally I have noticed that in both Spanish and English there are a lot of words that mean both an innocent thing and slang at the same time. (For example : beaver in English.) Whether or not this word is slang differs by the dialect. (For example: concha simply means shell in Castilian but it might make your Argentinean friend blush.) It is possible that it means both pimp and the hat.

        My two cents. 🙂

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