Autumn Sweaters Done & Dusted !

jenjoycedesign©Autumn Sweaters 2014
I’m ecstatic for two reasons. For one, the Autumnal Equinox has turned, and two, both sweaters I set out to design & knit by the equinox are done & dusted!  I did have to reknit an awful lot too.  This is all you get to see of them for now, but we have the date set with my nieces to give them these and they will model them and we will have a boatload of fun with a photo shoot in Calistoga, and then you’ll get to see photos galore of them. Then sometime in October I will buckle down get the pattern done & dusted too.  But for now, just a happy chirpy sort of pleased-with-myself post on the first day of Autumn.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Sweaters Done & Dusted !

    • Hey ho… thanks you ! How would you like to knit one? ::wink::
      ((looking closer at the photo in the harsh afternoon north light, looks like I need to steam block them a little better, the fabric looks ‘rumply’. Will do later !!!! (( off to answer an epic email)):)

    • Hi Lolly. It won’t be long now. I will have a new camera too (dropped my other and the menu doesn’t work) and I’ve got two nieces excited to show them off for the camera ! Pattern forthcoming… in er… a couple of weeks hopefully, with fingers crossed.

    • Hi Kristi… thanks for saying hi. I am anxious as ever, it will be an eternity before I can photograph them… this weekend Jeff and I are going for a one-night backpack trip, so it has to wait until the weekend after.

    • Hello Carol ! YAY is right… thanks for your enthusiastic celebration with me. (( so needed after my month+ of isolating knitterly tunnel-vision!)) Come over for tea & knitting and I’ll make us a cake ! 🙂 xx

    • Chookie HI ! I was just visiting your social media places yesterday trying to figure it all out. (( Taking your great advice from months back, finally)) I finally have Twitter up and running on Yarnings… whew.

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